This dentist edited himself into Star Wars to promote himself

This dentist edited himself into Star Wars to promote himself

In the ocean of cringeworthy advertisements out there, it can sometimes feel like nobody knows how to sell themselves the right way. That is, until you stumble upon a gem in a sea of dust, and realize that sometimes, you just need an elderly dentist to rediscover the magic of a good joke and a good ad all in one.

JS Abernathy is a dentist, and instead of the force, he has PIPS. In a brilliant parallel comparing the human tooth to the Death Star, Abernathy puts himself in the situation room where the Rebel Alliance is planning the attack on the Death Star. With their manual tools, a root canal is painful and extreme process. They have to wind through the inside of the tooth into the infected gum. But not with PIPS.

Abernathy says that PIPS is a laser, just like the one fired into the Death Star; it can navigate the tooth all by itself and clear out the infected gum with ease.  The standard root canal procedure is so hard, one pilot exclaims that it's "impossible!" Until Abernathy steps in:

"It's not impossible. You may not be able to do it, with your old-fashioned drills and root canal files, but I can do it with PIPS. Lasers aren't just for X-wings anymore."

It's brilliantly edited, right down to the Han Solo reaction shots. Abernathy puts away his computer, relying entirely on the PIPS. He's in the zone. "Instead of scraping around inside the root, lasers gently clean out the canal with pulses of light." Poetic, beautiful!

I'm not sure it's legal, or if this guy just knows George Lucas, but this is a video just waiting to go viral. Abernathy's deadpan delivery makes for fantastic comedy, and the editing is top-tier. Please, LucasFilm, or Disney, or whoever owns the rights to this series now, don't take down this video. It's just too funny for corporate greed to steal away from us. Haven't you made enough billions off of Star Wars already? Let the man make bank, and let the PIPS reign free.

Credit: YouTube

I can't imagine a better advertisement for laser dentistry than this. "You may all have the force, but I have PIPS."

In other Star Wars news, the next film in the new trilogy will be released this December, and the final film, directed by J.J. Abrams, will come out in 2019. Maybe Abernathy will find the opportunity for a brand new commercial soon, for a new type of laser surgery. After all, the PIPS, like the force, never stops evolving.

Credit: YouTube

At the end of the video, Abernathy puts us in the Mrs Eisley Cantina, showing off some dance moves in an alien costume with his wife. At least, that's what I think is going on. The directing in this scene is really ambiguous.

If you ever need root canal surgery, anyway, this seems like the least painful option! Hit up JS Abernathy if your root canals are falling apart and you need a good ol' laster blasted up in your reactor.