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Forget winter, there's an actual 'Game of Thrones' festival coming

It's only been a few weeks since the season ended, but Game of Thrones fans will no doubt already be feeling the familiar pang of loss and emptiness that follows every epic finale. Yes, we got a lot of answers this year, but we were also left with a whole bunch of new questions that we're simply itching to find out the answers to. However, with rumours that season eight might not hit our screens until 2019, it seems like we have a long winter ahead of us.

Thankfully, you might not have to wait quite that long to get your next hit. This month, a 'Winterfell Festival' is happening, and it takes place at the actual location used for Stark family home. The festival takes place over an entire day, and is designed to make you feel like you're living in the Game of Thrones universe.

game of thrones national trust Credit: National Trust

If you're lucky enough to attend the event, you will be welcomed like a proper member of the Night's Watch, as you'll be given an exact replica of those gloriously fluffy coats that Jon and co get to wear at Castle Black. If that's not your style, you'll also have the option to don a more feminine robe - much like those sported by Catelyn and Sansa in the show.

You'll also be given a sword (not a real one, calm down), and will be free to reenact battles to your heart's content. From the courtyard where Ned Stark was reunited with Robert Baratheon, to Walder Fray's castle, the location of the infamous Red Wedding) you can joust, jab, and explore to your heart's content.

game of thrones national trust Credit: National Trust

Next, you'll have a chance to meet direwolves! And not just any direwolves, but the direwolves. Odin and Thor, the pups who played Summer and Grey Wind on screen, will be there for you to pet and play with.

As well as visiting the locations that were featured in Game of Thrones, you'll also get a literal taste of the action. A feast fit for a king, complete with bread, roast hog, fruits and ale, will be laid out for you in a medieval-style tent.

And you'll need the energy, too, because after that you can try your hand at archery, or perhaps try a little sword sparring. For those who'd prefer a less interactive experience, however, there are plenty of attractions that you can watch. According to the event website, there will be "archery demonstrations, jesters and falcon flights", and later on:

"Travellers will also be encouraged to walk down the Kingsroad to the Inn at the Crossroads where they can pull up a pew and listen to stories from A Song of Ice and Fire Series One being performed by Footsteps theatrical company, while dining on venison pie and ale."

The event takes place in Northern Ireland, just outside Belfast - so you might have to take a bit of a trek to get there, but, by the sounds of it, it's totally worth the journey. There's tickets available for adults and children, as well as a special family package, so round up your clan and get going!