Game of Thrones director confirms that incest is coming to the show

Game of Thrones director confirms that incest is coming to the show

For fans and non-fans alike, the easiest way to mock Game of Thrones is to refer to it as "the one with all the dragons and incest". Neither aspects are particularly rampant in the show, but both clearly made them stand out from the pack when it comes to fantasy stories. Frankly, you wouldn't expect such romances to emerge in Lord of the Rings.

Cersei and Jaime Credit: HBO

But to be fair, the incestuous relationship between Cersei Lannister and her brother Jaime is a major instigating factor in the events of the show. Eddard Stark got beheaded because he realised that the heirs to the throne were not Baratheon at all - but children of an incestuous relationship.

After his death, the Stark children were displaced and the war of the five kings started. Eventually this lead to the soul-crushing events of the red wedding (yep, it still hurts) and well... you know the rest. Throughout the entire show we have seen Cersei and Jaime's relationship develop, but remain fairly strong regardless of what happens around them.

In fact, by this point in the show (spoilers ahead!) Cersei is getting pretty open about her relationship with her brother now that she has been crowned queen. She lets her servant see them in bed together, and is apparently pregnant with Jaime's child. Whether the people accept a son of incest to be on the throne is a matter for another day, however, as it seems there is another budding relationship of this sort on the horizon.

As the most sought-after actors on the show, many fans have shipped Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke as a couple in real life. No one really expected that Jon and Daenerys would do the same, at least until recently. In the last few episodes we've seen quite a few charged encounters between the two of them, something which the show's creators are fully aware of.

Daenerys and Jon Snow Credit: HBO

Alan Taylor, a director on a number of Game of Thrones episodes, was interviewed in The Daily Beast. Taylor, who directed this week's "Beyond the Wall", said:

"There’s no secret that this is where this is going. Readers of the book have known that things were heading towards this destination for a while. Even the characters in this story know it’s heading in this direction. Tyrion is making fun of Dany about what’s brewing."

What many of you will know, however, is that at the end of the last season we found out that Jon Snow is the secret son of Rhaegar Targaryen, meaning that he is actually Daenerys' nephew. So, while the chemistry between the two characters is incredible, fans are conflicted over rooting for the same incest they scorned with Cersei and Jaime (though nephew is maybe a little bit better?).

Taylor continues:

"So we knew it’s got to come at some point, and I was glad that I got to be there for a major step forward for them. The fact that Jon’s willing to now bend the knee to her as the next queen is a huge political step. The fact that they are starting to fall for each other is huge.

"It comes down to tiny moments and how they interact with each other. They’re holding hands and there’s this great look where she’s swooning and she steps back from it, but it’s clear that that’s our destination at this point."

The internet has been in quite a furore with this latest season, with even more enthusiasm than normal. You can see how people are reacting to the idea of Jon Snow and Daenerys getting together, and other shocking developments, in this list of hilarious Game of Thrones memes.