This Game of Thrones fan may have discovered the Night King's master plan

This Game of Thrones fan may have discovered the Night King's master plan

Game of Thrones has been building to a confrontation with the White Walkers for years now. Way back in 2011, when the first episode aired, the opening scene of the show was dedicated to the unfolding mystery of the blue-eyed unkillable foe beyond the wall. We know they want to march south and kill whoever is in their path, but is that the final plan? As always, this will be an article full of spoilers for season seven, and maybe even the final season, if the theory is correct.

game of thrones spoiler warning Credit: HBO

As Jon Snow once said, the enemy they face beyond the Wall isn't one that negotiates. The Night King and his undead army are silent except for the grunting and roaring of the skeletal foot soldiers, and the occasional battle cry. We assume that the Night King is taking his army of zombies to bring death to Westeros only. But one Reddit user has another idea:

"I predict the Night King is going directly to the Gods Eye. Maybe he has been trying to reach the Gods Eye for centuries and man has always denied this passage. Therefore he has the mentality of removing all obstacles in his way. The Isle of Faces, in the middle of the Gods Eye, is where the pact between man and the COTF [Children of the forest] happened."

Before you panic, I didn't know this detail either. No, the Gods Eye is not a reference to the MacGuffin from the recent Fast and the Furious movies, but the name of a big lake in the middle of Westeros. Harrenhaal, the castle where Arya served as cupbearer to Tywin Lannister in season two, is near here.

children of the forest Credit: HBO

"There is something magical there that he has seen in his greensight visions. I know he has greensight because he can see Bran during his greensight and Worging abilities. Ultimately I think his end goal is to reach the Isles of Faces and use its magical properties to give life to his undead army.

"Eastwatch by the Sea is the closest part of the wall to the Gods Eye. Harrenhall is on the northern shore of the Gods Eye. The writers have dropped hints about the Gods Eye for years and have always discussed the Riverlands with great detail."

Westeros map Credit: Imgur

So if The Night King makes his way to the Isle of Faces, what could be his reason for giving his army life? Another user commented on this post, combining the idea with the popular fan theory that Bran is actually the Night King:

"Bran orchestrates everything to bring peace to Westeros. And the only way he can do it is by becoming the Night King, raising an army of undead and marching them to the Gods Eye where he will destroy the ancient COTF magic, and it turns everyone from wights back into fully healthy Humans, exactly as they were the moment of their death."

Could this be the master plan? When you think about it, the white walkers did end up bringing the wildlings through the wall, knocked it down, and is getting close to uniting the kingdom against a common enemy. If life could be restored to those killed, it might just work out.

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