'Game of Thrones' fan names the worst character of all

'Game of Thrones' fan names the worst character of all

The seventh season of Game of Thrones is officially over, and as we've managed to live a week without a new episode being released, we've taken the first steps to moving on. There's a gruelling two-year wait for the final season, in which time we'll have to find other things to occupy our time with. But that doesn't mean we can't still talk about what is likely the most popular show on the planet.

In fact, there is more and more to talk about as the show progresses. Not only is the plot moving at a faster pace than we're used to, but we are getting the conclusions to certain storylines that have been running since the very first episode of the show. It's fun just to look back an see how far we've come, for instance, how Jaime went from one of the most hated characters (lest we forget he pushed Bran out of a window) to one of the fan favourites.

Part of the reason our hatred for Jaime abated was because of his rich character development, particularly as he confessed to the real reason he killed the Mad King to Brienne at a low moment, an act that dubbed him "Kingslayer" for life, regardless of how righteous it was. But another reason is that there were other characters that surpassed him for pure evil soon after.

Ramsay Bolton Credit: HBO

But who is the official worst character of them all, who caused the most suffering and calamity to the world? Cersei isn't exactly the most altruistic of characters, and the mass murder of her enemies with wildfire last season puts her near the top. Every fan was united in their hatred of Joffrey, and after his death, we all found common ground in hating Ramsay.

According to this Reddit thread, the real worst character in Game of Thrones is not someone you would expect at all. It's not even someone willingly evil, but someone you might even like: Hot Pie.

Hot Pie game of thrones Credit: HBO

That's right, this user posits that we should all really be hating Hot Pie, the adorable baker's apprentice, back when he was reunited with his old friend earlier this season:

"Yes, Hot pie is the reason behind All of this.

"Its all because of him, If he didn't tell Arya that Winterfell is under Stark's control, Cersei could be dead now Jon and his company won't get a white a walker. They won't go beyond the wall, Visereon would be alive, The wall won't fall.

"And all Westeros would be united against the Night King .

"YES ! It's Hotpie's fault"

However far-fetched and tongue-in-cheek this post is, it does make you think. While we realised in the season finale that Littlefinger's manipulations had brought a lot of hurt to the Stark family, it turns out that even a character as minor as Hot Pie can have major ramifications across the show.

There have been plenty of deaths that could have been prevented if Hot Pie hadn't intervened, but there were plenty that happened before he was even introduced. If you need a reminder of the ones that had us cheering, check out this list of the 10 most satisfying deaths on the show.