'Game of Thrones' fan theory suggests that the Lord of Light may actually be a dark god

As Game of Thrones is starting to wrap up its six years of stories, the disparate plot threads that spread over different kingdoms and cultures is starting to become streamlined. Whether this is for better or for worse has split a lot of the fanbase as season seven aired this year, as some were frustrated at the plot holes while others welcomed the show's faster pace.

One thing is for sure, things are coming to a massive (and likely bloody) conclusion with the eighth season, which we won't be seeing on our television screens until 2019 at the earliest. The politics of the Seven Kingdoms and the battle for the Iron Throne has dominated much of the show, but we always knew that eventually the slow march of the dead beyond the Wall would change everything.

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Much of the last few seasons have seen Jon Snow trying to explain to sceptics that there really are magical icy foes in the North, and they will come to kill every person in Westeros if they don't band together to stop them. It's a pretty hard sell, and it took the death of one of her dragons for Daenerys to believe him. The events of this episode convinced her that this was a more important war to fight, and also proved the phenomenal power of The Night King.

Many fans are expecting some kind of twist or reveal in the final season, but we have come to accept that there may be some truth to the 'Lord of Light' that people like Melisandre communicate with through fire and magic.

An entire religion is based around these visions in the flame, and many of us have assumed that however unfair this god may be, it seems to want to defeat the Night King and save the world from the march of death. But what if this is wrong? What if the lord of light is actually in league with the enemy?

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A recent Reddit post has put forward the idea that "the lord of light is a dark god that isn't supporting humanity but supporting the dead". He goes on to explain that many of the actions people have taken in the name of this god and his bestowed visions have not just resulted in defeat, but actively helped the Night King.

"Lord of light decimated stannis' army. Use magic to consolidate it's army against renly and then send it north to essentially sacrifice itself after killing the wildlings (who were the only organised group fighting the true war).

"Lord of light brought back the brotherhood without banners guy and jon snow ultimately because they were crucial in the scout up north which would get daneyrys to go up north with a dragon which inevitably led to a capture of a dead dragon which is instrumental for the night king to break down the wall."

"All the small magical victories lord of light provided for the living was ultimately a set up for the greater plot to ultimately help the night king.[sic]" 

You've got to admit, it's a compelling theory, and other users were quick to add to the theory. One pointed out that he sent the Hound the vision that led them to exactly where the Night King was, where the Army was waiting ready to ambush them, dragon-killing spears on hand.

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After all, this is the same god that told its followers to burn children, so it's not a stretch to say it's a dark god hoping to bring death and destruction to the world. If you're looking for more theories about the show, you should check out the theory that suggests that Jon and Daenerys may actually be siblings.