This 'Game of Thrones' plot twist is driving fans crazy

This 'Game of Thrones' plot twist is driving fans crazy

Spoil the next Game of Thrones episode for a die-hard fan and I can guarantee you'll be subject to at least some of the medieval torture methods that the hit HBO television show loves to depict.

That is, until the name Jon Snow is uttered. It only takes one mention of Jon Snow's name to command the attention of every Game of Thrones fan in any given room. In fact, aficionados of the television show are a breed in and of themselves when you consider their dedication to the series. But I guess that they have to be to keep up with the show's whiplash-inducing plot twists and arbitrary killings of central characters (including our favourites).

So; once you've finished this week's episode and are eagerly awaiting the next instalment, what else is there to do other than to commit yourself to analysing theories about the show, attempting to unravel plot twists and unearth nuggets of information that give clues as to what will happen next?

Nothing. Unless you really don't like spoilers - in which case it's probably best to switch off the internet now. 

Game of Thrones Credit: Vox

Game of Thrones viewers had quite the reaction after watching this week's episode where things got decidedly steamier between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen.

It all began when Tyrion Lannister told Daenerys that Jon is in love with her. After this, we quickly learnt that things were reciprocated when Daenerys risked her life and that of her dragons to save Jon and his crew.

Jon Snow Credit: Vox

And then things got more obvious when Jon pushed Tormund out of the way during battle to admire Daenerys. This was followed by the heart-stopping moment when Jon and Daenerys reached for each other but missed by a fraction.

I know it's hard to believe but it does get better. Daenerys waits for Jon on top of the wall, despite everyone else having lost hope that he would emerge alive.

She waits for him again at his bedside, and after he arises, she swears to fight the Night King with him. And in the most documented screen grab of the series so far, we see Jon lovingly call Daenerys "Dany" and "my queen".

Dany Credit: Daily Express

Yes, my heart is aching too. I mean, all of that gazing into each others' eyes and hand holding would get to even the most cold-hearted person.

And the people of the internet certainly could not get enough of it all, with Twitter leading the way, naturally:

Whilst we are all aware that Jon and Daenerys are related at this point, it really hasn't scuppered people's excitement. I mean, are we really shocked about who falls in love with whom in Game of Thrones at this point? It's all part of the (incredibly twisted) experience, folks.

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