Game of Thrones' Sophie Turner shuts down viewer who tried to defend Littlefinger's 'good qualities'

Game of Thrones' Sophie Turner shuts down viewer who tried to defend Littlefinger's 'good qualities'

In the Game of Thrones universe, the lines between good and evil can sometimes get a little bit blurry. You've got characters such as Varys, who swaps his allegiance almost as often as he changes his robes; or The Hound, who sometimes seems to have a good heart, but questionable morals; or even Arya, whose innocence is so lost by this point that it's difficult to tell whether she's driven by revenge or bloodlust.

One character who most would agree has secured his place on 'Team Bad Guys' is Lord Petyr Baelish, otherwise known as Littlefinger. However, some fans didn't think it was quite as clear-cut, and attempted to defend the creepy little man on Twitter.


After his death in 'The Dragon and the Wolf', user Hanna Loren tweeted a passionate defence of Baelish, saying "Reminder:Petyr Baelish gave back Winterfell to the Starks. He killed Joffrey. He saved Sansa and Jon. He won the battle of bastartds [sic]".

However, Sophie Turner, the actress who plays Sansa Stark, was having none of it. After the original fan tweet garnered a lot of attention and divided opinions, Turner herself decided to weigh-in on the issue to give her (and Sansa's) side of the story.

The exchange came after another user tweeted this sassy one-liner: "Just a reminder that Sansa managed to get littlefinger on his knees and beg, something no one else could achieve."

Which is true - nobody else ever had that much power over Littlefinger, not even Catelyn Stark. But Hanna begged to differ.

"Is this what you've interpreted from that heartbreaking scene where a broken man confessed his feelings?!!!" she wrote. "Everyin [sic] knows it was fan service".

True, Baelish was pretty broken by this point. But was it "heartbreaking", or justly deserved? Hanna was obviously adamant on the former.

Nevertheless, the fan hit back once more, deeming Littlefinger as nothing more than a "perv".

But Hanna wasn't giving in, saying, "He wanted justice on the society for his humiliation, they looked down on him out of his poor background. He never hurt sansa."

Excuse me? Never hurt her? Has Hanna been watching a different show to the rest of us? What is this madness? In one final clap back, Turner put the misguided Littlefinger-fan in her place.

"Nah.." she wrote, "just willingly sold her to the Boltons.... Who killed her family... who ended up torturing her.... but ur right.. no harm done".

In true Game of Thrones style, Turner delivered a shut-down of epic proportions. Other users tried to argue with her even after that point, but to no avail. Sansa won, Baelish deserved what he got, and everybody needs to accept that.

Evidently, Turner is as cool and collected off-screen as she is on it - and pretty feisty, too. What we've learnt here is that you should never cross Sansa Stark; not at King's Landing, not at Winterfell, and certainly not on Twitter.