Game Of Thrones supercut of The Hound's best insults

For fans and non-fans alike, Game of Thrones often gets too-easily labelled as "the one with all the nudity and bloody violence". On the one hand, no one is wrong in saying that. The show built up a bit of a reputation for having scenes of political debate and scheming happening with the backdrop of a brothel full of roaming nude women.

It's not like the violence has ever really abated either, with some of the fanbase's favourite characters being offed in the most ludicrously gory ways. Never a show to shy away from it, battle and execution scenes never quite go the way you'd expect them too, with clean deaths usually thrown aside for something a lot more painful looking.

alt Credit: HBO

But I believe that the real reason that so many people stuck around for the seven seasons and 67 episodes is for the characters. The intricate web of lies that Littlefinger weaved, Daenerys' slow ascent to power and the emerging threat of the White Walkers beyond the Wall were all compelling reasons to watch the show, but it was the likes of the witty Tyrion Lannister that kept us around.

One of the surprising things about the show as it progressed is how a character like The Hound became a favourite of fans everywhere. Sandor Clegane was a young boy when he was bullied and ultimately disfigured by his older brother Gregor, later known as 'The Mountain'. He has had a fear of fire ever since his face was burned by his brutal sibling, but it was only in the later seasons that his tragic story was fleshed out.

alt Credit: HBO

The Hound has been hardened by years of abuse, and is a fighter feared across the lands, but what made him so well-liked was his relationship with Arya Stark in season three and four. The two of them were an unlikely match, and you could say they brought out the worst in each other, but we got a lot of classic moments from the two of them, and The Hound's penchant for insulting everyone he meets came out in full force.

For those of us that want to relive these hilarious moments amidst the bloodshed, YouTuber TheDewLife has created a supercut of The Hound's funniest insults, and believe me, it's worth the watch. Beware, there are plenty of swear words here. Not exactly for the faint of heart.

If there's anything to be learned from this video, it's that we desperately need more scenes with The Hound and Tormund. Maybe we'd get lucky in the end, since HBO are intending to make a few spin-offs from the show once it finishes its final season in 2019.

The network are reportedly considering five potential shows before they pick one of them. Apparently Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss won't be a part of it, but there's no reason someone else couldn't create something great in this universe's setting. In the meantime, why not have a look over this list of actors who were almost cast in the show?