This Game of Thrones theory suggests Jon and Daenerys are closer than you think

This Game of Thrones theory suggests Jon and Daenerys are closer than you think

Fans of Game of Thrones have gone through a lot. We have seen our favourite characters die gruesome deaths and the purest citizens of Westeros be punished in the most unjust ways. Some survive and some don't, but two central characters who have managed to overcome startling odds over the years are Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen.

Daenerys was sold into a marriage with a man whose culture she didn't understand, evading assassination attempts and crossing the desert for sanctuary. In the end, she's likely the most powerful person in the seven kingdoms, with dragons and loyal armies on her side. Jon, on the other hand, has literally come back from the dead, and transitioned from lowly bastard son serving the Night's Watch to being anointed "King of the North".

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I don't think many of us were expecting Jon and Daenerys to spend a romantic evening with each other at the end of season seven, even if they had been making eyes at each other for several episodes. This being Game of Thrones, things weren't as simple as two very attractive badasses falling in love - they are also unknowingly related.

The weirdest thing about this pair-up of two rulers, who are technically aunt and nephew, is that many fans were all for it. We have all pretty much gotten used to the romantic relationship between siblings Jaime and Cersei by this point, and Jon and Daenerys aren't related quite as much, right? We can delude ourselves as much as we want, but I'm pretty sure people are going with it because of the palpable chemistry these two beautiful people have together.

Yet if you thought these two getting together was weird now, wait until you get a load of this latest theory that's making the rounds. Some fans have found clues that they believe may mean that Jon and Daenerys may actually be brother and sister...

An eagle-eyed fan has noticed that in the books, Daenerys specifically mentions a distant memory of a lemon tree from her childhood in Braavos. The thing is, lemons don't grow in Braavos. Fans are speculating that this may mean that she was lied to about where she spent her early childhood. The place her memory most accurately describes is Dorne, where Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar were married and Jon was born.

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Like Jon, she may have been taken into hiding to avoid the wrath of Robert's rebellion; not because she was Aerys' daughter - but Rhaegar's. If this is true, that means that Jon and Daenerys are not aunt and nephew, but brother and sister.

Convinced yet? If not, some other evidence has been collected to back up the theory. First of all comes an interview with actor Alfie Allen (who plays Theon) in Vulture from just after season 2 aired, who said he had got some secret information from the books' author George R R Martin:

"You know, I asked [George RR Martin] about who Jon Snow's real parents were, and he told me. I can't say who, but I can tell you that it involves a bit of a Luke Skywalker situation."

At the time, many believed this meant the real father would be a shocking twist. But what he may be referencing is the fact that in The Empire Strikes Back, Luke kisses his twin sister Leia without knowing they were siblings. They had both been hidden and brought up separately to protect them from the Empire - is any of this sounding familiar?

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The theory suggests that they may have been separated, with Jon sent to the Stark side of the family and Daenerys sent to the Targaryen side. Some believe this accounts for the months Ned Stark was out of commission following the incident at the Tower of Joy (where Jon was born). In addition, the reason that he was so protective of Daenerys when King Robert was trying to send an assassin to kill her may be because she was part of his family...

With one season left, who knows how it could all turn out. I certainly don't, and it looks like the creators are making it even harder to guess by shooting multiple endings for the series.