This guy carved a beautiful replica of the Jumanji board

This guy carved a beautiful replica of the Jumanji board

Us Millennials were spoilt for choice when it came to entertainment; there was Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon, not to mention a vast array of excellent childhood movies. Films such as Matilda, Mrs Doubtfire and Jumanji didn't just keep us entertained for hours on end (and out of our parents' hair), but they are equally as watchable today.

Certainly, whenever I am having a bad day, I tend to revisit those veritable childhood classics, and I always come out feeling better. My particular favourite is, of course, Jumanji. In addition to the inimitable Robin Williams, Jumanji also boasted an excellent supporting cast, including Kirsten Dunst and Bonnie Hunt.

But the greatness of the film resided in its unique premise: whilst exploring an old mansion, two siblings discover a magical jungle-themed board-game called "Jumanji" in the attic. This naturally unleashes a world of trouble, replete with giant spiders, angry wasps and some very mischievous monkeys which the children must brave to save Alan Parish (Robin Williams) from the game's inner world; that is, being trapped in a real-life jungle.

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The film is just as great 22 years later, and provides viewers with a mighty dose of nostalgia for the wonderful era that was the 90s. One sculptor, in particular, had a real hankering for that magical moment in time as he created a stunning replica of the Jumanji board - made entirely from scratch.

Steven Richter, from Long Island, New York, spent seven months crafting the masterpiece. Created out of wood, Steven even created the mould for the fully functional jungle-themed board game himself.

Jumanji Credit: Imgur

Primarily working on the weekends, Steven got every detail down to a tee, including the lettering with which the game's instructions are inscribed. The four playing pieces and aged dice are also perfect copies of the ones seen in in the 1995 Hollywood flick.

Jumanji game Credit: Imgur

Speaking to the Press Association, Steven said:

"There was a lot of patience involved in doing as exact a replica as I could [...] I didn’t want to cheat, so every leaf on the board is sculpted to match the screen used prop."

Jumanji Credit: Imgur

Steven was adequately trained to undertake such a task as he currently works at Tom Spina Designs, a company that specialises in restoring and displaying movie props. He added:

“I’ve been working there for five years over which I’ve honed in my sculpting skills and picked up various other hobbies and skills.”

Jumanji Board Credit: Imgur

Steven shared a timelapse of him at work on the replica, and it really shows what a challenge it was... Ladies and gentlemen, this is not one to try at home - such a perfect copy requires painstaking attention to detail, patience and the right kind of tools:

Unfortunately, Steven isn't putting his masterpiece up for sale, although he does have game pieces and cover casings available for purchase on his Etsy account.

But, only time will tell if this board is also equipped with the same mystical powers that enabled Peter and Judy to have the adventure of their lives...