HBO reveal the contents of Jon Snow's letter to Sansa Stark

HBO reveal the contents of Jon Snow's letter to Sansa Stark

Throughout this season of Game of Thrones, one of the low-key themes has been the role of ravens in this unfolding fantasy epic. Basically existing as Westeros' telephone service, they inform the North of machinations in King's Landing, and they've had a special role in the events of this season.

Bran Stark regularly watches over Westeros by warging into the magical three-eyed raven, while a raven's note was used by Petyr Baelish in an attempt to turn Arya Stark against her sister Sansa. In addition to that, where would Jon Snow be without Daenerys' intervention beyond the wall (even though the timelines made absolutely no sense)?

One particular raven in the seventh season's seventh episode, went very much under the radar after the monumental events of the episode entitled the Dragon and the Wolf.

Credit: HBO

After over an hour of epic action and spectacle, the main talking point after the episode is the highly-anticipated coupling of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, and even as Bran Stark announced on voiceover that the two lovers were in fact committing some pretty steamy incest, we're still kind of happy for the new couple.

Unfortunately, as is Game of Thrones' modus operandi, this pairing is sure to bring about new challenges, and Jon Snow's raven to Sansa in the wake of the episode's events is sure to come back to haunt him in season eight.

At the beginning of the episode, we saw perhaps the biggest-ever gathering of characters as Jon, Daenerys and Tyrion Lannister brought Cersei irrefutable evidence of the threat beyond the wall. Delighted, Jon sent back a letter to his sister, but as HBO have revealed in releasing Jon's letter, this could do more harm than good.

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Here's what that letter says:


"Cersei Lannister has pledged her forces to our cause, as has Daenerys Targaryen. And if we survive this war, I have pledged our forces to Daenerys as the rightful Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. We are both coming to organise the defence of the realm.

"Jon Snow, Warden of the North"

As we now know, the raven hasn't sent entirely accurate information; in a typically Cersei fashion, Cersei Lannister later withdraws her pledge to assist in the hope that the Army of the Dead and the Army of the North cancel one another out, leaving the Queen to pick up the pieces and rule the Seven Kingdoms free of threats.

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Sansa won't be particularly happy at this, but what's even more ominous is the other part of that letter - where Jon says he's pledged his forces with Daenerys Targaryen.

With "never trust a Targaryen" being pretty much a proverb up in the North, Jon's constituents will be far from impressed with his bending of the knee to the Mother of Dragons. The real kicker here, though, may come when Sansa discovers that Jon and Daenerys have "joined forces" in more ways than one, not to mention that Jon's true lineage is that of a Targaryen.

Jon Snow and Daenerys Credit: HBO

Armed with that double whammy of information, things might get extremely ugly once Jon returns to Winterfell, even as a greater threat lies ahead. Even though the final season of Game of Thrones is at least two years away, there's yet another subplot bubbling in the background that promises to make season eight one of the best seasons of television ever.