Here's the Game of Thrones fan theory that Jon Snow will end up killing Daenerys

Here's the Game of Thrones fan theory that Jon Snow will end up killing Daenerys

Could Game of Thrones really end happily, with the Night King defeated, and Jon and Daenerys together as king and queen upon the Iron Throne? Of course not. As Ramsey Snow once said, "If you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention". It would just be too simplistic and boring for Jon and Dany to reign over a kingdom in peace. Something tragic has to happen. The union of fire and ice has to take its casualties.

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George R.R. Martin himself has said that the final book, A Dream of Spring, will have a 'bittersweet' ending. A Reddit user by the name of Savarian has uploaded a magnum opus, an extremely long essay explaining exactly how Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen will not be living in happy matrimony.

Savarian has summarized his massive theory into seven succinct points:

  1. Martin’s vision for the story took shape in the early 90’s. The journey may have meandered, but its destination is unchanged.
  2. It is an unfortunate truth that a story told to millions over three decades cannot conceal its own ending - the surprising ultimately becomes the predictable.
  3. Jon, Dany, and Tyrion are the story’s heroes and Jon and Dany will join in marriage, as is foreshadowed in the House of the Undying.
  4. The first Long Night ended through diplomacy. The Wall was created by the Others. A pact was sealed and sacrifices were given at the Nightfort.
  5. Azor Ahai engineered this peace by thrusting his dragonsteel blade Lightbringer into the chest of his wife, Nissa Nissa, transforming her into an Other and ruling as the book!Night’s King who famously took a corpse bride.
  6. Jon Snow will end the upcoming War for the Dawn by doing the same to his wife, Daenerys.
  7. The two rule Westeros together as man and white walker - our promised bittersweet ending.

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Let's break this down a little. Azor Ahai, of course, is the long-prophesized hero who will defeat the Night King and end the long night. Azor Ahai once did exactly that, separating the frigid northern wastes from Westeros with the wall - and with a sacrifice. Azor Ahai had to kill his wife, Nissa Nissa, who returned as a White Walker. She's the ultimate corpse bride.

The theory goes as such - if Jon Snow is the reincarnation of Azor Ahai, as Melisandre and the red priestesses believe, then he may have to do exactly what Azor Ahai once did to stop the Night King. He will have to kill his lover, Daenerys, and make her into the Night Queen.

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Then, the Night Queen and the King of Westeros would rule the continent side-by-side. Because remember, Jon Snow is a Targaryen, and the actual heir to the Iron Throne. He would probably be humble enough to give up the throne to Dany, but if this theory checks out, the resurrected Jon Snow, the legendary hero Azor Ahai, has a different destiny in store.

Ice and fire have been brought together. But what comes next? Must ice become fire, with Jon Snow becoming the light-bringing hero Azor Ahai, who has a flaming sword? Will fire become ice, the Dragon Queen becoming the Night Queen? It seems the two may have to switch roles to defeat death.

You can read the full post here, and the fan theory that Jon and Dany are actually siblings, not aunt and nephew.