Here's how much money the Game of Thrones cast make per episode

Here's how much money the Game of Thrones cast make per episode

Game of Thrones is probably the biggest show in the world right now, which if you're anything like me, is incessantly annoying. Each day that I hear more spiel about GoT, the more it puts me off ever watching the show. I just can not be bothered with it and I can't wait for it to finally end so that I don't have to hear anyone else blithering on about John Snow and dragon fighting.

Maybe it's just me, but fantasy just doesn't float my boat, sadly.

Jon_Snow_Walking Credit: HBO

However, a lot of people do love GoT, and in return, the show's actors have become some of the biggest superstars on the planet. Despite all of the fangirling over favourite characters, fan theories regarding story lines and millions of discussions about the show, when you see the amount that the actors earn per episode, you will more than likely want to vomit a little bit.

Variety has revealed how much each actor roughly earns per episode, and to say that it's a lot would be a lie to be honest, because it's an absolutely insane amount of money.

Peter_Dinklage_in_Game_of_Thrones Credit: HBO

In its 2017 salary survey, which takes a "sampling of estimates" for the salaries of the biggest names in showbiz, Variety has shed some light on the salaries of the likes of Kit Harington, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Peter Dinklage and Lena Headey, and the figures are eye-watering. According to the survey, the aforementioned actors take home roughly £500,000 per episode.

Yes, that figure is per EPISODE. To put that into context, that means that over the newest seven episode series, this lucky lot will have taken home a cool $3.5million. Three point five million. For running around in an IKEA rug and pretending to slay dragons? I think I'm in the wrong line of work here.

Emilia_Game_Of_Thrones Credit: HBO

Of course, these are some of the main characters of the show, so were always likely to be the top earners, with them playing Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Snow, Jaime Lannister, Tyrion Lannister and Cersei Lannister respectively. However, it's no wonder that they all love being in the show so much, seeing as they make a mind boggling amount of cash every time they film it.

The list reveals that the GoT stars are earning as much as Kevin Spacey does per episode of House of Cards, and slightly more than Claire Danes makes for appearing in Homeland. They're also earning significantly more than Claire Foy made per episode of the Netflix drama, The Crown ($40,000), something which they can feel nice and smug about. However, they weren't the top earners out of all the actors starring on TV. Incredibly, the cast of the Big Bang Theory pick up $700,000 per episode, for creating the worst comedy of all time... astonishing!

Nikolaj_on_a_horse Credit: HBO

So next time you're nestling down to watch an episode of Game of Thrones, just remember that not only is the show completely ridiculous, the actors are also paid an unruly amount of money to turn up and roll around in front of a green screen. Happy viewing!