Illustrator imagines what Disney princesses would look like if they lived in 2017

Illustrator imagines what Disney princesses would look like if they lived in 2017

Like a lot of kids, I was brought up on Disney films, and although I was never a particularly girly girl, I loved the Disney princesses. Out of all the female representation on screen, the princesses shone through as independent women who weren't afraid to face adversity in order to get what they wanted. Yeah, it sucked that a lot of the time they had to end up with a prince to achieve their goals, but they still taught me that, whether I was a bookworm or a warrior, I could still be an admirable person.

This year, artist Fernanda Suarez has created re-imaginings of seven Disney princesses, giving each of them a modern spin to make them look more suited to the 21st century. They all look so great, it's difficult to pick a favourite...

1. Belle

The live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast already gave us a 2017 version of Belle, but this one looks decidedly more rebellious. The hair and the eyes still say Emma Watson, but the rest of her says, "call me a nerd and I'll kick your ass".

princess belle 2017 illustration Credit: Fernanda Suarez

2. Cinderella

Complete with a messy bun and a bardot blouse, this modern iteration of Cindy looks like the Disney version of Regina George. Forget the pumpkin and the fairy godmother; this girl is going to prom in a sports car paid for with her stepmom's credit card.

Cinderella 2017 illustration Credit: Fernanda Suarez

3. Ariel

She might not have the tail, but the hair and the clam shell bra make this Ariel look unmistakably mermaid-y. You can tell she's kept her disobedient streak, too, as I don't think King Triton would be best pleased about that geometric Sebastian tattoo.

Ariel illustration 2017 Credit: Fernanda Suarez

4. Mulan

Not only does she still look capable of saving all of China, this Mulan could also defeat anyone at a skate park, and she'd always win on Xbox. She probably slays on guitar, too. Basically, she's that quiet kid at school who can secretly take on anyone in a fight.

mulan 2017 illustration Credit: Fernanda Suarez

5. Jasmine

It seems that, no matter what era you drop Jasmine into, she'll always look fierce. This is definitely still someone who sneaks out at night to meet boys, but also a girl who'll ditch you in a second if you're not good enough for her. Rajah looks a lot more tame, though.

jasmine 2017 illustration Credit: Fernanda Suarez

6. Snow White

In the eighty years since this princess first appeared on screen, she's certainly undergone a few changes. Sweet little snow has become a sassy teen nightmare; and if you think she's going to be running around looking after 7 little men, you'd better think again.

snow white illustration 2017 Credit: Fernanda Suarez

7. Pocahontas

Still every bit as much of a free spirit as she was in the 1995 film, this Pocahontas isn't taking any crap from anyone. And that includes all those John Smith types. She's far too busy doing her own thing and being generally flawless in every way to deal with you, thank you very much.

pocahontas 2017 illustration Credit: Fernanda Suarez

Deep down, I think Mulan will always be my favourite (I mean, come on, the girl saved an entire nation). However, after seeing these, I kind of wish I was all of these women. Hopefully Fernanda Suarez completes the collection soon, because I can't wait to see the rest.