Lord of The Rings may be getting a television reboot

Lord of The Rings may be getting a television reboot

Few franchises have the power to create viewers who will remain fans throughout their lifetimes, but the Lord of the Rings was one of them. Whether you're dedicated to Tolkien's novels, the hit film series, or both, one thing's for sure, you're always on the lookout for anything related to the fictional world of Middle-Earth.

And certainly, now looks like the time to do it. 2017 has been a huge year for television reboots. Twin Peaks returned with Twin Peaks: The Return, and has amassed a whole legion of new and younger fans, and we've also been hearing speculation about Ace Ventura returning to the silver screen.

But if rumours are to believed, Lord of the Rings may also be getting its own reboot, making it the most impressive name to be banded around yet.

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According to Variety, Amazon Studios and Warner Bros Television are in talks with the Tolkien estate about possibly producing a Lord of the Rings television series.

The Tolkien estate and the respective studios have been brainstorming a series based on the film franchise inspired by J.R.R Tolkien's novels. While representatives from Amazon and Warner Bros. have declined to comment, several reputable sources have asserted that Amazon's CEO, Jeff Bezos, is personally involved in the negotiations, being a huge fan of the fantasy series himself.

This news comes hot on the heels of Amazon's new programming mandate, championed by Bezos. Amazon's CEO has purportedly wanted to shift Amazon Studios away from esoteric and niche productions such as "Transparent" and "Mozart in the Jungle" and more towards productions that will have mass appeal, such as the Lord of the Rings franchise.

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Warner Bros Television and the Tolkien estate have recently settled a five-year court dispute over The Lord and the Rings and The Hobbit, a battle which was worth over $80 million. The Tolkien estate, with the help of the book series' publisher HarperCollins filed a lawsuit which alleged copyright infringement and a breach of contract over the film's digital merchandising, the fruits of which included online gambling machines and video games.

Terms of the settlement have not yet been disclosed, but a legal filing has asserted that no fees or costs were to be awarded by the court, and that neither party was entitled to recover their fees and costs.

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The film franchise, which were produced by Warner Bros, first aired in 2001 with The Fellowship of the Ring. And 2002 and 2003 saw The Two Towers and The Return of the King, respectively. However, Peter Jackson's follow up to the series, the Hobbit, was decidedly less of a hit.

Well, I don't know about you, but even the prospect of a Lord of the Rings television show fills me with excitement. I mean, this may be the perfect replacement for Game of Thrones, which is due to wrap up at the end of the next season.

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