How much are Hollywood's biggest stars actually worth?

How much are Hollywood's biggest stars actually worth?

There are plenty of celebrities we see on the red carpet at award ceremonies and other prestigious events and wonder what their lives must really be like. We know they're rich, we know they're famous, we know the clothes they are wearing and the car they drive cost more than we can ever imagine - but we don't actually know how much they are worth.

But the information is out there, with estimates of the net worth of Hollywood's biggest stars just a click away. So exactly how wealthy are the actors and actresses that we see on the big screen?

1. Bradley Cooper

Cooper's career has exploded since his appearance in The Hangover, and he is now worth $100 million. Playing a talking raccoon for Marvel probably helped a tad.

bradley cooper Credit: Getty

2. Mark Wahlberg

Marky Mark has come a long way from the Funky Bunch, now worth a stunning $225 million.

3. Adam Sandler

I think it's been a very long time since Adam Sandler has made a movie that hasn't been panned by critics, but he's clearly popular enough to land a net worth of $340 million, making nearly $50 million last year.

4. Keanu Reeves

Reeves has had something of a comeback over the last few years with the John Wick movies, but most of his biggest hits were in the 90s with movies like Speed and The Matrix. Regardless, he's still worth a whopping $350 million.

keanu reeves Credit: Getty

5. Tom Cruise

Cruise has clearly not given up on the acting game, even insisting on doing his own Mission: Impossible stunts at the age of 55. This has all paid off in a net worth of $470 million.

6. Leonardo DiCaprio

Making nearly $30 million just in 2015, DiCaprio's net worth comes in at $235 million.

7. Channing Tatum

From his acting and producing work, Tatum is worth $60 million as of 2017.

8. Scarlett Johansson

Johansson has been in successful movies for a while now, but her various appearances in Marvel movies has helped her rise to $100 million.

scarlett johansson Credit: Getty

9. Dwayne Johnson

From professional wrestler to Hollywood hotshot, Johnson has risen to an estimated net worth of as high as $200 million.

10. Jennifer Lawrence

The Hunger Games and X-Men actress has achieved a net worth of over $100 million.

Jennifer Lawrence Credit: Getty

11. Robert Downey Jr.

Being Iron has plenty of perks, including a net worth of $180 million.

12. Tom Hanks

Hollywood's most likeable actor and America's dad, Tom Hanks, is worth $390 million.

In all honesty, when the numbers start reaching that high it's hard to tell how much it really is. I mean, a thousand dollars seems like a lot to me so I'm not quite sure what I'd be able to do with Tom Cruise money. But if this list didn't make you feel jealous enough, just look at how much Kylie Jenner's newborn daughter is already worth...