Netflix trolls millennials with hilarious 2018 'Friends' plotlines

Netflix trolls millennials with hilarious 2018 'Friends' plotlines

People have recently started watching Friends again since it finally came to Netflix in the UK, and while people still really dig the fashion and Rachels' perfect hair, there have also been a lot of people slamming the show. There's a lot of fat-shaming that goes on, the occasional homophobic, sexist and transphobic joke, as well as a lack of POC characters. It seems that the show might be a bit out of touch with our more accepting and tolerant society at present.

But now a new Twitter storm has come through with fantasy propositions of what the show would be like if it was taking place in our current society, and it's gold. It all started thanks to Netflix (the cheeky devil) teasing us with their own would-be plotlines if the show were set now, rather than in the 90's and early 00's as it was.

Netflix put forward a couple of zingers, referencing some clever cultural trends like Bitcoin and Tide Pods, and even trying to keep things politically correct by pointing out the privilege that this group of young, attractive, white New Yorkers have.

Someone was quick to point out they'd forgotten Rachel (she would not be happy), but Netflix was ready.

And while the suggestions from the online streaming service were pretty good, the rest of the internet came through with their own brilliantly contemporary plotlines.

Ross would so do this:

Rachel's on board with Kylie Cosmetics:


Yasss Helena Handbasket, you tell 'em:

"Who's Your Caveman Doppelganger?" – OMG, please!

Looks like no-ones jobs are safe:

Monica is a foodie influencer posting #foodporn on Instagram:

And she's shaking things up on television cooking shows:

Meanwhile, Rachel is also trying to get in on the ~influencer~ game:

And her and Ross try a democratic solution to sort that drama out once and for all:

Joey is all about sharing economy companies like Airbnb:

And dating apps, naturally:

Ahh... can you imagine? While the fashion might not look that different to now, thanks to the resurgence of 90's trends everyone seems to be getting into, things would've worked a lot differently for our favourite group of Friends. Which is mainly thanks to the internet and all the crazy new apps and services that sprung up as an outcome. And let's be real – there's no way they would've been able to afford those apartments in NYC now.