New theory suggests that the White Walkers are actually the good guys

With so many stellar storylines, political posturing, and supernatural scenes, it's really easy to forget that at its heart, Game of Thrones is a zombie series.

We may have spent several seasons watching Daenerys build her army, the Starks tragically fail to plan their revenge or watching Lannisters (most of the time) pay their debts, but looming in the background is the ever-present threat that a bunch of White Walkers and wights are going to storm the Wall and wreak a significant amount of havoc.

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That notion came to fruition in the very last episode, when a horde of White Walkers stormed the Wall in the North, with a newly-acquired dragon making short shrift of our human construct with some deadly ice fire. As Tyrion Lannister said so eloquently in the season seven finale; Westeros is "f***ed".

But what if it wasn't? What if, somehow, the White Walkers invading the Seven Kingdoms was exactly what needed to happen? In short, what if the White Walkers were actually the good guys here? I know that sounds insane, but hear me out here. Armed with the right information, it kind of makes sense.

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In order to understand this fan theory, I must first present you with another fan theory that's making the rounds; the idea that Bran Stark, crippled master of both the three-eyed raven and bad Jaden Smith impressions, is in fact the leader of the White Walkers, the Night King.

That also sounds kind of mad, but season seven episode seven actually subtly alluded to that as the Army of the Dead marched past the wall on the way to Winterfell and the rest of Westeros. As the White Walkers began the next leg of their long journey, the keen-eyed among you might have noticed they marched in a very similar formation to the sigil of House Stark, the direwolf.

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Mad, right? But how does an army of ice zombies help the survival of the humans in any way? If you think about it, it might help Daenerys Targaryen to "break the wheel".

If you've not been too distracted by the awesome carnage of the dragons to pay attention to Daenery's storyline, you may have heard that phrase many times, and it refers to the idea that the Mother of Dragons wants to deconstruct the monarchy-based government implemented by the Mad King.

It's the reason that Daenerys is so well-supported by not only her advisors, but by the people she's ostensibly going to rule. To break that wheel, though, Dany is going to need the support of all the Seven Kingdoms, and the season seven finale hinted that she might be closer to garnering that support, and that's all thanks to the threat of the White Walkers.

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Although Cersei Lannister later withdrew her armies to help fight the horde , Jaime Lannister is the latest to join the fight against the Army of the Dead, and as the zombies move ever closer, he's unlikely to be the last to give his life for the cause.

If Bran is the Night King, that effectively means he's using the threat of obliteration at the hands of the White Walkers to galvanise the Seven Kingdoms, forcing them to work together to annihilate his very dangerous threat. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense, but are we correct in our hypothesis? Let's see what happens when Game of Thrones returns in 2019, but in the meantime, let's keep thinking of fan theories, you guys!