Pablo Escobar's brother advises Netflix to hire 'hitmen' and wants $1 billion

Pablo Escobar's brother advises Netflix to hire 'hitmen' and wants $1 billion

Things are getting insanely real for the team behind Narcos. Fiction is coming to reality as Pablo Escobar's brother comes forward with new threats against the Netflix cast and crew, following the brutal murder of Carlos Muñoz Portal, a 37 year old location scout whose body was found riddled with bullets outside of Hidalgo.

Portal was killed while scouting out locations for Season 4 of Netflix's Narcos, which will chronicle the Escobar crime empire in Mexico. At least, that was the plan, but at this rate, it seems that continuing to press against the Escobars is extremely risky, and will result in more pointless death and destruction.

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Pablo Escobar's brother, Roberto De Jesus Escobar Gaviria, who is 71 years old, has advised Netflix to hire 'hitmen' for their own protection after Portal's murder. Roberto was once known as the 'chief of hitmen' while working for the Medellin cartel. He has only served ten years in prison for his crimes, and was released in 2013.

"You have to eliminate all threats," said Roberto. "If you have the intellect, you don't need to use weapons. If not, you have to. In this case, Netflix should provide hitmen to their people as security."

Here's the kicker - last July, Roberto demanded 1 billion dollars from Netflix for using the 'Escobar name and brand'. He said:

"If we don't receive it, we will close their little show. You see, we own all the trademarks to all of our names and also for the Narcos brand."

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Pablo Escobar, of course, died in a shootout with the Columbian police. But if his brother is free, and has trademarked his family name for all purposes, and is free to make threats and advise Netflix to hire 'hitmen', is he gearing up for another wave of major murder and crime?

“If they decline my offer we have attorneys ready to proceed with necessary actions. I don't think there will be any more 'Narcos' if they do not talk to me. You have to pay to play, and they are playing me without paying. I am not a monkey in a circus, I don’t work for pennies.”

Certainly, it would be immoral and absurd to pay any member of the Escobar family for the right to use their name and tell stories about their cartel. They don't deserve anything, right? But Roberto De Jesus Escobar Gaviria sounds serious, and the family of Carlos Muñoz Portal deserves better for their suffering.

A man has already died for a season of a television show. What next?

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What do you think? Should Netflix move the location of the show to avoid dealing with Pablo Escobar's brother, or should they take the risk and continue to film in Mexico despite the previous death of Carlos Muñoz Portal? Is art worth the sacrifice of more life? This could get very ugly very fast for Netflix and their insanely popular show.

Whatever comes next, we hope they place the potential risk to their cast and crew as a higher priority than the millions of dollars that the show may earn.