People are watching 'Friends' for the first time and their reactions are everything

People are watching 'Friends' for the first time and their reactions are everything

While children of the Nineties grew up watching Friends (and formed completely unrealistic expectations of what adulthood is like), it appears that a whole new generation is experiencing the seminal sitcom for the first time after all 10 seasons dropped on Netflix in the UK last month.

And watching it 14 years later must be quite a trip - what with all the nostalgia-inducing depictions of New York, and its cast of zany yet relatable characters, all of whom sported questionable haircuts at one point or the other. One thing is for sure, however – this generation of Millennials will be even more perplexed by the fact that six friends in relatively low-paying jobs managed to afford such a spacious abode in one of the most expensive cities in the world.

So naturally, their responses to the show are absolutely priceless... And they range from ogling at that the trends of yesteryear to lamenting the fact that Phoebe and Joey never got it on. Twitter has never been such a veritable gold-mine of Friends material - and - ah, it feels like it's 1998 again.

People were rather perplexed by 90's fashion and beauty trends 

Some finally gave Monica the appreciation that she deserves... 

Other made sure to ask the important questions 

And finally, there's this guy who totally gets what us Friends veterans feel like RN

If you can brave crippling nostalgia for the special decade that was the Nineties, then here's your permission to hunker down for the winter - it's going to be a long one, folks.