Seth Rogen releases Superbad secrets on movie's 10th anniversary

Seth Rogen releases Superbad secrets on movie's 10th anniversary

Okay, I've never seen Superbad. At least, I've seen parts of it, but I still feel like I've seen the entire thing through cultural osmosis alone. It's probably the most iconic comedy of the 2000s. Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Emma Stone and Seth Rogen are all household names because of this movie, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse has also gone on to have a great career of his own.

It's hard to believe that it's been ten entire years since the movie first came out. It definitely makes us feel old. But to celebrate the decade-level achievement, Seth Rogen hit Twitter to candidly reveal some new facts.

Please do, Seth.

For example, McLovin is older than any of us. At least, so says his ID. Which is fake, I believe, from second-hand absorption of the movie. But McLovin has a criminal record anyway, probably is registered as a sex offender, so I doubt he's got a family and a white-picket fence:

Good to know! There's probably so many scenes with famous people in the background that we don't know about. You can stuff anyone in a scene as an extra. It's not just Ed Sheeran in Game of Thrones. Who knows where Larry David has been hiding, for example, in random episodes of Seinfeld? Wrapped inside a cape, that's where.

Well, erm, that's one way to make a living as an artist. Dave Goldberg has a lot to live up to, so I'm glad he could contribute in some way.

Fiction always follows reality. I wonder if all these people love the film, and always suspected that certain characters were based off of them. Check's in the mail, right?

It continues to be realistic. Rogen's comedic genius is probably his resourcefulness - most people forget incidents that he works into his films as key scenes.

All good (stoner comedy) ideas come from the green demon. Of course, this isn't very surprising. I'm sure the whole thing was written by the hand of weed.

Making history! Though, you may be an enemy of the FCC for this one.

The film was even connected to legendary legal history. Lots of illegal activity going on around that block in Los Angeles.

Seth's mom is even edgier than he is! It's a really risky joke, probably wouldn't pass the censors today.

Influencing reality TV as well! Entire generations' language was sculpted by SuperBad. Pauly D owes Seth Rogen a lot. Though, I'm not sure how much Jersey Shore money is left in the vault. I think he's a DJ now.

Thank you, Seth. Kind of crazy for a high school idea to become irreplaceable pop culture history. Lots of luck, elbow grease, and being in the right place at the right time...

And with that, Seth's info dump concluded. What do you think? Surprised? In the mood to watch the film again? Of course you are. It's always time to watch Superbad. I suppose I should start now!