Sharon Stone has leaked her 'Basic Instinct' audition tape

Sharon Stone has leaked her 'Basic Instinct' audition tape

Some movie scenes simply transcend generic boundaries to become almost universally adored. Studios like Pixar have capitalised on this phenomenon with aplomb; their films command widespread appeal, accessible to adults and children alike, and adored equally by both.

A truly great movie is not confined by its genre to reach only a relatively niche audience; Gladiator, for example, is one of the most popular films ever made, despite having all the trappings of a historical film. In an industry perhaps more competitive now than ever before due to the rise of hyper-accessible streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime, film studios are fighting a constant battle for box office success.

Technical innovations, star power and topical issues are all methods of achieving these heady aims, though it cannot be said that there is a iron-cast formula for box office riches.

Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct

Indeed, even when a movie stumbles on the perfect mixture of script, director and star, it is sometimes more happy accident than incredible foresight.

Sharon Stone's role in Basic Instinct certainly falls into the former category; the actress has revealed that 12 actresses turned down the role of Catherine Trammel before she was finally offered the part. Frankly, it is impossible to imagine anyone else in the iconic role, particularly after you see her astonishing audition tape, which Stone herself recently posted on Twitter.

Stone Tweeted the simple message "#BasicInstinct audition tape for #WaybackWednesday", as if anyone needed any more explanation of what the tweet was to contain. 

In 2009, a New York Post piece detailed how Stone donned a "Armani pantsuit and a sheer blouse with no bra underneath just to show she had no problem with nudity", though frankly I'm amazed casting directors didn't offer her the job on the spot.


In a 1996 interview with the Guadian, Stone revealed that she had no idea why more actresses weren't falling over themselves in a bid to land the now iconic role, perhaps, she guesses, it was something to do with the nudity involved;

"I read the script and thought, 'Oh, man, somebody's going to be so good in this.' Then I went, 'Wait a second, you've got the screenplay, why'd they give it to you?' I never got why everybody didn't just die for the part. I guess a lot of people had more to lose than I did." Well, the nudity, for one thing. "I mean, so what?".