This South Korean theme park is based on 'Hunger Games' and 'Twilight', and fans are losing it

This South Korean theme park is based on 'Hunger Games' and 'Twilight', and fans are losing it

A story is no longer just a story - it's an opportunity to build a city on a South Korean island and make billions. An entire Harry Potter theme park opened in 2014 (The Wizarding World of Harry Potter), so it only makes sense that the entire young adult fiction world would seek to follow in its footsteps.

Disney will also get in on the profits. They intend to open two separate parks, Pandora: The World of Avatar and another called Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. The Star Wars park will have a lot to live up to. Will it cater more toward the prequels or the original films? Or will it go for creating an entirely new generation of Star Wars fans and revolve around The Force Awakens and Rogue One?

What's even more puzzling is the content of the Hunger Games and Twilight attractions within Lionsgate's South Korean theme park. The two films will become a part of Jeju Shinhwa World, a resort on Jeju Island, off the coast of South Korea.

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Lionsgate is trying to go blow-for-blow with giants of the industry like Disney and Warner Brothers. Seeing such attractions in Universal Studios that feature Spider-Man, Men in Black and other classic franchises, Lionsgate intends to let customers “experience actual movie scenes” between rides, performances and restaurants.

And hey, get this - 20th Century Fox is also throwing their billions in the ring. They want to make a theme park for Planet of the Apes and Titanic (because surely we're all still obsessed with that three-hour melodramatic masterpiece).

The park will be great for fans, but honestly, it seems like stories have become nothing more than marketing platforms. Is reading three or four books AND watching three of four movies not enough of this franchise? Will they eventually demolish these theme parks in 2030 to be replaced by the new young adult classics of the next generation? Will they be able to re-sell all the equipment? Is Lionsgate really going to run a private island for profit?

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Yes, yes, and yes. You'll be able to sit in a car and be spun around a battlefield of children killing each other, or vampires fighting, witnessing all your favorite fiction moments. So yeah, it's for kids. But adults will eat this stuff up just as fast.

I mean, J.K. Rowling announced two, TWO more Harry Potter books for this year. There will be a new Star Wars film every year for the rest of our lives. These franchises will outlive us all. And for what? And they really such elastic and unforgettable universes that reading another 1,200 pages of Harry Potter will bring new content to our lives? Another 20 hours of Star Wars?

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If you can build a cathedral, why not a theme park? Why not buy a private island to traffic in literary experiences delivered through 3-D glasses? Why not own a private island to lease out to hedonists? Why not, reader? Indeed, why not.