Sports journalist Clay Travis said 'boobs' on CNN and the internet is furious

Sports journalist Clay Travis said 'boobs' on CNN and the internet is furious

It always makes for an entertaining clip when a CNN discussion gets awkward. Watching journalists and anchors lapse from their professional distance and actually get offended is TV at its best. It's the sterile environment of the news show becoming an actual uncomfortable social situation that just makes it so hilarious. Seinfeld in real life.

In a CNN segment on September 15th, sports journalist Clay Travis was on CNN with anchor Brooke Baldwin and former ESPN senior editor Keith Reed. The topic of discussion was Jamele Hill, and her free speech rights after making a controversial comment calling Donald Trump and his cabinet white supremacists. Clay Travis got himself into hot waters when he made a pretty immature comment:

"I'm a First Amendment absolutist. I believe in only two things completely: The First Amendment and boobs."

I get what he was trying to say, of course it's a cheeky, corny joke and comes across as immature. But the indignation at this statement is pretty funny. We literally have a President who has admitted to sexual assault, and we're supposed to take offense at the word 'boobs', to the point where we can't even say it on television, and have to spell out B-O-O-B-S like third graders?

Keith Reed took outrage at the statement, and Brooke Baldwin followed up. Of course, Travis made it harder on himself by repeating his cornball phrase over and over:

Clay Travis certainly lacks maturity and tact. There's no reason to say it more than once! He's on the Trump playbook of doubling-down. But the interview closed over this comment, with Baldwin saying: "I'm done. This is done. This is conversation over, yanking mics. Uh...bye."

What would the late, great George Carlin say? I understand Baldwin's embarrassment, but of course the total umbrage taken over an immature comment is outlandish. Guests can come onto CNN and argue uncontroversially for murderous war, cutting social services, and torturing prisoners, but the 8th grade word 'boobs' is supposed to be a deal breaker? I just don't buy it. No one is that innocent, least of all CNN.

Baldwin reiterated her offense on Twitter:

Humorously, it seems Clay Travis also lost an interview at CNN over his comment:

The internet, as usual, enjoyed a good ol' fashioned pile-on, and had a lot to say:

Personally, I like this one:

Every time CNN takes massive offense at something so silly and unimportant, it once again proves that mainstream media is just as devoid of focus and editorial sense as the social media spectacle online. Trump has pretty low approval ratings, but CNN and the media have similar or even lower approval.

CNN gave Donald Trump so much free advertising in the past two years that he could honestly thank them. Their love-hate relationship is kind of a scam - Trump gets to look like a rebel, and CNN gets the highest ratings its ever had. Getting furious over the frat-boy culture of Trump's America is legitimate, but it's not exactly Trump's America. How many people are really offended by the word 'boobs'? I think if CNN is in the business of moral outrage, it's kind of telling that they only get really upset at goofy stuff like this and bad memes.