Teacher spends 70 hours turning classroom into Hogwarts

Teacher spends 70 hours turning classroom into Hogwarts

Anyone who has read and loved the Harry Potter books will be familiar with the inevitable sinking feeling that comes around every year on September 1 when you are reminded, yet again, that you never received your Hogwarts letter.

How melancholic it is to be consigned to the mundane quotidian of - to coin a phrase - Muggledom. J.K. Rowling's series of seven richly imagined, magical works of fiction have transcended traditional boundaries of genre and form to become almost universally cherished, with legions of loyal, passionate fans whose appetite for all things magical can never truly be sated.

Though we never received our Hogwarts letters, one teacher is determined to make sure that none of the children he teaches will miss out on the magic of the wizarding school, and so spent 70 hours over a five week period transforming his own classroom into a Hogwarts style paradise.

Kyle Hubler, who teaches at Evergreen Middle School in Hillsboro, Oregon, described the the thinking behind his decision to the Huffington Post;

“As a kid I remember my biggest dream was to go to Hogwarts someday, but I knew that I could never truly go there.

“When I became a teacher… I realized that I had the power to make my childhood wish come true.”

The results, which include Hubler's personal memorabilia and extra touches paid for out of his own pocket, are incredible.

1. Professor Hubler

2. You can't mistake the entrance

3. And once you're inside, it just gets better and better

4. Who's ready for Defence Against the Dark Arts?

5. The attention to detail is remarkable

6. He's even got his hands on Dumbledore's pensive 

7. There's a comfortable looking common room area 

8. Everywhere you look there a little touches to bring the magic to life 

9. And if you never got your Hogwarts letter, Professor Hubler has written his own version 

10. Want a game of Quidditch? No problem, Professor Hubler's got all the balls you need 

11. Best desk set up ever 

12. Even Professor Slughorn's hourglass makes an apperance 

Kudos to Kyle Hubler, who is showing teachers everywhere that getting kids excited to go back to school is worth the hours of hard work.

Professor Dumbledore would be proud.