There's one giant problem with the Game of Thrones finale

There's one giant problem with the Game of Thrones finale

Well folks, the wall-to-wall coverage of Game of Thrones monomania will be suspended until 2019. But before then, I've got one last nail to hammer. So, the season finale just aired last night, and massive spoilers are incoming.


There were so many memorable moments. Littlefinger collapsing into speechless sobs, only to fail to spit out his final words from his bleeding neck, was a picture-perfect revenge on the man who orchestrated literally the entire series back in Season One, when he worked the Lannisters against the Starks with the same dagger that Arya Stark put through his throat.

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Cersei and Tyrion's long conversation in the Red Keep was a much-needed return to the stellar writing of the earlier seasons, and watching Theon get his groove back, the long-awaited and much-rumored boat sex, and a Clegane staredown was all fantastic.

And yet, the last scene of the finale, the destruction of the entire Wall at the hands of the Night King, opens up a serious problem with the entire structure of this season. Last episode, the one where Jon and his squad fought an entire army and a raven flew across the world in a few days, continues to leave a mark of bad writing and anti-realism on the series.

The entire 'capture a wight' plan was horrible from start to finish. After all, there was no way for the plan to work without major Deus ex Machina. Without our heroes getting rescued like a cheesy shonen anime, the plan was foolish from start to finish, the kind of seven-men-against-an-army plan that would have been laughed out of earlier seasons' writing rooms.

And it was the 'capture a wight' plan that led Daenerys north, where the Night King was able to take one of her dragons. And here is exactly where the show is falling apart at its foundations.

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I'll put it succinctly:

If the Night King needed a dragon to break the wall, then how were the White Walkers ever a threat? Without Daenerys, they never could have marched South at all. By coming to Westeros with her dragons, she gave the Night King the ability to invade Westeros. So Jon and Dany, in the final analysis, are the morons responsible for the entire forthcoming White Walker invasion.

There are a few ways to write themselves out of this, but none of them are good.

One: The Night King is magic and dragons are magic, so a magical reunion of ice and fire is what enabled the Night King to invade Westeros. But this still excuses the idiotic decisions of Jon and Dany to go north of the wall, all to call for a truce with an enemy who obviously would never agree to a truce anyway, as this episode proved.

Two: The Night King can see the future, so he planned to take one of Dany's dragons. Still, this excuses the idiotic decisions of Dany and Jon for going north of the wall, and Dany for bringing her dragons to Westeros. They are still responsible for all of this.

Three: The Night King could always get past the wall one way or another, and this ice dragon plan just happened to work out. This, of course, would just be stupid and unsatisfying, as relying on the dragon prosecutes Dany and Jon's terrible decisions in a way the writers did not intend.

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What do you think? It's kind of bizarre that the ultimate threat to Westeros never had a way into Westeros until Dany showed up. How can she make the world a better place again? Looks like we'll have to wait a long while