Tom Hardy is massively bulking up for his new movie role

Tom Hardy is massively bulking up for his new movie role

One of the hardest parts about being an actor would be when you have to dramatically alter your appearance in order to prepare for a role. Christian Bale did it for The Machinist, a film where he had to lose an absolutely absurd amount of weight, and Tom Hardy has done it for the likes of Bronson, Batman and Warrior, where he had to bulk up drastically in preparation for the films.

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Hardy is now doing it all over again. The British born actor is set to play the lead-role in the film Venom, which is a sort of spin off from the Spiderman series. Venom is one of Spiderman's most iconic villains, with the character being a firm favourite amongst fans of the comic book, and the hype around the film is rising at a rapid rate.

Filming is currently under way in Atlanta, and Hardy is now having to train "up to five times a week -and sometimes twice a day - in MMA to prepare for the role". Footage has been shared of the actor going through boxing training as he gears up for the film.

Yeah, safe to say you're not ready for Conor McGregor yet, Tom.

Although the film isn't set to be come out until October 2018, the fact that filming has now begun and behind the scenes footage has been released has meant that the excitement around the movie - and Hardy's depiction of Eddie Brock - has began to gain traction. On the above video, plenty of fans were quick to comment about their excitement, with one person saying: "Huge huge Spiderman fan, venom is one of my fav [sic] villains. Can't effing wait!" Another user said, "Just got chills… can’t wait!"

However, despite the excitement surrounding the film, Hardy and the producers are under immense pressure to ensure that they get the film right.

One fan said, "Better not ruin the Spiderman franchise", while another simply asked pleaded, "pls don’t f*ck this up".

Ben Child from The Guardian described the casting of Hardy as a "masterstroke", saying:

"Hardy, like few of his peers, has the skill to show us the chinks of light that illuminate Brock’s dark and twisted, vengeful soul. And he will relish having a blank canvas to work with, an opportunity that would not have been his had the actor instead chosen to replace Hugh Jackman as Wolverine."

Venom hasn't been seen for over a decade, when he made his last appearance in Spider-man 3, way back in 2007. The villain was voted number 33 in Empire's 50 Greatest Comic Book Characters and there is more to him than just his appearance and violent character:

"Arguably Spider-Man’s biggest nemesis, Venom is the comic-book equivalent of a movie boogeyman like Freddy Krueger – he’s meant to be terrifying and villainous, but readers thought he was so cool that eventually the symbiote became less obviously evil (he always tries never to hurt bystanders), appearing in his own title."

Venom is set to be released on October 5 2018, and will no doubt be greeted with a lot of fanfare and intrigue.