Guy learns he has been "catfished" by his vengeful cousin for the past three years

Guy learns he has been "catfished" by his vengeful cousin for the past three years

In the last few years, online dating has absolutely soared in popularity. Whereas about a decade ago, it was regarded as a last resort for both older people and those who were just desperate to find love, nowadays it's become a pretty standard way in which to meet a potential partner.

But as efficient and practical as online dating might seem, it's not without its many shortcomings. One such shortcoming is the prospect of being catfished by the person you've been hoping to start dating. Catfishing can be anything from altering the way you look in photos to using pictures of an entirely different person in order to lure someone into starting a relationship with you.

The very term "Catfishing" was inspired by the 2010 documentary film Catfish which centers around Nev Schulman starting a relationship with a woman he met on Facebook only to learn that she had completely fabricated her online persona.

The documentary then spawned the hit MTV series, Catfish: The TV Show. If you've watched the show at all, you'll know just how tense and dramatic it can get, particularly during the reveal.

So without further ado, here are the most unexpected outcomes and fieriest reveals in Catfish: The TV Show's six-year history.

1. Keyonnah thinks she dating Bow Wow

19-year-old Keyonnah really believed she had been chatting with her beloved idol, rapper Bow Wow. She and "Bow Wow" had been speaking for about four months but he repeatedly refused to video chat with her. He did, however, send her $10,000 to support her financially.

When it was time for the big reveal, it turned out that "Bow Wow" was actually a girl named Dee, an aspiring rapper who pretended to be the "Bow Wow" in order to meet girls. Went she met them, she tricked them into believing she was a man. It also turned out that Keyonnah had been speaking with Dee's cousin Fred on the phone the entire time!

2. Antwane gets catfished by her COUSIN

Antwane suspected he was being catfished by a man called Tony, a man he had met on a phone chat line three years ago. So his cousin Carmen contacted the show in order to uncover Tony's identity once and for all.

Antwane told hosts Max and Nev how much he loved the guy despite not knowing his last name, location, or even what he looked like. Throughout much of the duration of the episode, the filmmaking duo try - and fail - to find out who Tony actually is. That is, until Carmen eventually confesses to pretending to be Tony the entire time!

She then tells Antwane that she has no regrets about her actions and that "Tony" started as an act of revenge for something Antwane had done to Carmen years ago. By the way, all the times Antwane had spoken with "Tony" on the phone, it was actually just Carmen using a low-pitched voice.

3. Cheating Artie Gets Caught Out

In this rather dramatic episode, Artis believed he was dating a girl named Jess and was even prepared to dump his current girlfriend - and the mother of his three kids - for her, despite never having met her.

But was Jess really who she said she was? Of course not. Jess was actually a very sketchy guy called Justin, a guy who took it upon himself to expose cheaters. Even Max and Nev were wary of the guy as he stepped out of his car, slow-clapping in a very sinister manner.

Anyway, Artis ultimately confessed everything to his girlfriend and it actually ended up strengthening their relationship.

4. Mike Learns He's Been Catfished AGAIN

Mike and Caroline met on a dating site, and the pair really bonded after she revealed she was suffering from colon cancer, an illness that his own mother had tragically succumbed to.

In reality, "Caroline" was a girl named Heather who had actually catfished Mike before. The first time she catfished him, she chose to reveal who she really was and claims Mike "wasn't very nice" to her as a result. And so in an act of revenge, she created the "Caroline" profile and gave her a backstory.

So there we have it - the most shocking moments to have ever gone down on Catfish. Which reveal shocked you the most? Or can you think of any other Catfish moments you were particularly creeped out by?