The most excruciatingly awkward Kiss Cam moments in sporting history

The most excruciatingly awkward Kiss Cam moments in sporting history

It may sound bizarre, but pressuring people sitting next to each other into kissing has become a standard part of sporting culture in the United States. I am, of course, referring to the infamous half-time "Kiss Cam".

In recent years, awkward Kiss Cam clips have been flooding the web, much to everyone's amusement. We just lap it up when we see painfully awkward moments arise out of a harmless idea of honing in on a random couple and encouraging them to kiss on the big screen. And while it's all fine and dandy watching happy couples display their love for each other, but we all love a bit of drama too.

Credit: YouTube

It's fair to say that not all Kiss Cam segments go to plan, and sometimes, they can be more entertaining and scandalous than the actual game your paid money to see. So, without any further ado, here are some of the most shocking Kiss Cam moments ever recorded...

1. Mother and son appear on the Kiss Cam

Okay, so there are plenty of ways someone can embarrass you on the Kiss Cam. They can outright reject you, they can laugh in your face or they can spill their beer all over you. But one of the worst situations you could find yourself in is appearing on the Kiss Cam with - wait for it - your mom! I mean, there's no way you'll willingly plant a smacker on one of your parents for the whole world to see. And that's exactly what the guy in the video above was thinking.

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When it became clear to him that he was on the Kiss Cam with his mom, he refused to kiss her - even on the cheek. But some parents have no qualms about embarrassing their kids, and so this very mischievous mom decided to do something she knew would send the crowd wild and ultimately be turned into a viral video...

2. Brother and sister appear on the Kiss Cam

There are few things that are equally as bad a being made to kiss your own mom on the Kiss Cam, well, except for being made to kiss a sibling. Yep, prepare yourself for another awkward viral clip because when one brother and sister appeared on the screen, and the cameras refused to pan away from them until they did the deed... But the brother had come prepared for this very situation.

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"The perception whether at the game or before it is that we’d look like we were on a date, so I wanted to make sure that there was a clean line, a sibling line between the two of us," he told WCCO, the local CBS station.

3. Woman gets rejected by boyfriend on Kiss Cam so responds in the most savage way possible

Now the couple featured in this embarrassing Kiss Cam clip were actually a couple. So you'd think it would be reasonable to expect them to kiss for the cameras, right? Well, apparently not.

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Although it's clear that the girl was trying to go in for the kiss, the guy was having none of it - he was much more interested in his beer. So the girl decided to make sure he would regret his decision... And the crowd went absolutely wild afterward.

4. Guy kisses beer instead of girlfriend

Appearing on the Kiss Cam with a partner is a great way for them to show you how much they adore you and how proud they are to be with you. But not everyone sees it that way. When this couple appeared on the screen, the guy had no interest in being intimate with his girlfriend but had no qualms about showing affection for his beer instead. That's got to hurt! Thankfully, her reaction was just as entertaining as his decision to kiss his beer...

5. Couple spill beer on another couple

Okay, it's to be expected, particularly early on in a relationship, to want to jump at the chance of kissing your other half. So when you're on the Kiss Cam together, you're practically living the dream. In fact, one particular couple were so into their kiss, that they didn't have eyes for anyone else. And that's not so great considering the girl managed to spill her entire beer on the couple in front of them... Awkward!

So there we have it: embarrassing Kiss Cam moments really are a dime a dozen, but the fact that so many of them are awkward as hell makes them well worth the watch! Has the Kiss Cam landed on you before? And what do you think is the most awkward thing that could possibly happen to someone if they were caught on it at a game? Let us know in the comments section.