Here's how Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence's friendship was almost sabotaged by a catfisher

Here's how Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence's friendship was almost sabotaged by a catfisher

Of all the celebrity friendships out there, Emma Stone's and Jennifer Lawrence's has got to be one of the most adorable. As well as attending movie events and hanging out on the red carpet with one another, the pair also spend a lot of time together off-screen.

However, before they first met, both actresses thought they might be being catfished... by each other.

It sounds confusing but, as they explained in an interview with W magazine, it's actually sort of sweet.

Essentially, before they met, both actresses would receive strange messages from someone they called "John the Orchestra Guy". Lawrence originally assumed he was a stalker but, as Stone explained, "He wasn’t really a stalker. He’s just this guy that has a lot of people’s phone numbers and he must have worked at a studio."

"He would like 'accidentally' text us," said Lawrence.

"He texts and he says, 'Hey, hey, Alex,' or he makes up a name, 'I’m running late on my way to the soundstage. Can you warm up the orchestra for me?'" confirmed Stone.

Anyway, for a while, both actresses receive these cryptic texts, and they don't think much of it. They just assume that John the Orchestra Guy is "an agent’s assistant or something". The thing is, both of them thought that they were the only one receiving the messages, as they hadn't met each other at this point.

So when they eventually did arrange to meet up in person after chatting via text for a while, they both had the same panic.

"So we [Emma and I] had been texting, blah blah blah, we texted like every day for a year," Lawrence explained, "but we had never talked on the phone, and we had never met. So then we were finally going to meet. And she sends me her address, I drive over, and on the way over, I’m like Oh my God, what if this is John the Orchestra Guy?'"

And it did seem like a legitimate concern. After all, she had never met "John" or Emma, so how did she have any proof that it wasn't just one guy masquerading as a movie star? He wouldn't have been the first to do so, that's for sure.

So, in a sudden panic, the Hunger Games star called up her future bestie to make sure she wasn't being catfished to the extreme.

Thankfully, when she dialed the number, it was actually Emma who picked up, and not some random dude claiming to be in an orchestra.

After they did eventually meet, Lawrence explained her qualms about the potential catfisher, and Stone revealed that she, too, had been contacted by the guy. "That was the first thing we had in common," said the Mother! star.

And their friendship has only grown stronger each day since then. Most recently, the pair were spotted bumping into one another at the Toronto film festival and subsequently sharing an adorable (if not a little awkward) hug.

We're so glad that they did eventually meet up, because they seem like such great pals.