Hilarious footage shows the moment Florida kid gets stuck in an arcade claw machine

Hilarious footage shows the moment Florida kid gets stuck in an arcade claw machine

If you're a parent, or ever had to endure younger siblings, you'll be aware of just how mischievous kids can be. The little critters just have a knack of getting themselves into trouble, and sometimes into the more bizarre of places. Whether that's sneaking into the cabinet under the sink, which is strictly off limits, or having a bit too much fun with mummy's makeup, if they're under four - they've likely done it all.

One child, however, took being a troublemaker to new heights, when they somehow managed to end up inside an arcade game. Yes, you heard that correctly. Mason, from Titusville, Florida (because, of course), managed to get himself stuck inside a claw machine at a Beef 'O' Brady's. And thankfully, for all of us with a sense of humour, Facebook user, Amanda Evans, managed to capture a brief snippet of the rescue in action.

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Little Mason reportedly took matters into his own hands, and climbed right into the claw machine to nab the toy of his choice. Luckily, Titusville Fire and Emergency Services were able to assist, and safely retrieved the precocious toddler, without doing great harm to the arcade game.

They took to their Facebook page to write:

"Often times we say to ourselves that you never know what the next shift will bring. The unexpected ways we get to help people in their time of need. That’s what draws people to public safety, the unexpected. Well today was no exception. This evening little Mason was enjoying some food and decided he wanted a stuffed animal. He wanted it so bad, he climbed into the game to get that toy!! Thankfully he was never in any distress as one of our own Lt.’s happen to be there off duty and assessed the situation. Engine 10 led by Lt. Abernathy, made short work of the situation. Driver Operator Lane and Firefighter George were able to get Mason out in short order with minimal damage to the game. We love a happy ending and are glad everything worked out. Mom, Mason and friends went back to eating dinner, E10 back to their station to await the next call. Pretty sure it won’t be the same as their last."

Fellow Beef 'O' Brady's customer, Amanda Evans, even caught a bit of Mason's retrieval on camera. Watch the clip below.

And if you're wondering, Mason did manage to get his toy in the end. According to Titusville Fire and Emergency Services, after Mason was rescued, he was rewarded with a stuffed animal of his choice, for his efforts. Well, that's one way to get what you want.

While we still can't figure out exactly how Mason managed to clamber his way into the machine - safety aside - it's quite the feat. Hats off to you, kid. In any case, it's not quite fair to point to distracted parents and staff, because as any mum or dad will attest to, children certainly have a will of their own.

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