Meghan Markle accidentally broke Royal protocol then rectified the situation like a pro

Meghan Markle accidentally broke Royal protocol then rectified the situation like a pro

I think we can all agree that our lives aren't quite luxurious enough. It's why lotteries and game shows are so popular. While most of us are, admittedly, comfortable, we can't help but turn green with envy when we see how the other half live - and by the other half, I mean the rich and famous - which also just so happens to include the British Royal Family.

If you're lucky enough to be born into this prestigious bunch, then you're guaranteed to live a life of luxury (although, as we all know, happiness doesn't always come hand in hand with this). But if you're not born into the "Firm", there's still hope if you manage to steal one of their hearts - as Meghan Markle famously did in the summer of 2016.

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Now, the man once dubbed the "Playboy Prince" has finally settled down with the former American actress whose life has changed irrevocably since meeting him. No longer Rachel Zane from Suits, she's officially the Duchess of Sussex, and she's traded in her career as an actress to play an even grander role in real-life - but this is a role which comes at a price.

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As a member of the British Royal Family, Meghan's life is governed by a number of outdated and patriarchal rules which go against the feminist views she believes in - one of which caused her to walk down part of the aisle to Prince Harry alone.

Meghan is still learning the basics of being a Royal. Here she can be seen being told when to curtsy to the Queen by Prince Harry:

Despite being every inch the modern woman, the 37-year-old is having to live by rules which dictate what is and isn't ladylike - from what she wears to the color of her nails - and let's just say she's not finding this real-life role very easy to play.

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But, as we know, people will do all sorts of crazy things when they're in love, and Meghan is trying her best to hold onto the identity which she spent the first 36 years of her life creating and abide by Royal protocol. However, even with the best intentions, slip-ups happen, and Meghan recently proved this while posing for a picture at Buckingham Palace.

As a member of the fairer sex, Meghan is not only expected to dress conservatively at all times (which is why the off-the-shoulder dress she wore to her first Trooping of the Color caused such a scandal), she's also expected to sit in a particular way.

For obvious reasons, Royal women aren't allowed to sit with their legs open, but perhaps more ridiculously, they aren't allowed to cross them either. So what can they do? Well, it's a move known as the "Duchess slant".

Popularized by Kate Middleton, it involves a woman crossing her legs below the knee and slanting them to the side.

But because Meghan spent so much of her life living by, well, normal standards, she forgot Royal protocol at a recent party at Buckingham Palace in honor of the Queen's Young Leaders, and crossed her legs instead of adopting the Duchess slant.

The Queen's Young Leaders are young people in the UK who have made notable contributions in their community in the fields of mental health advocacy, advocating against violence against women, and other life-saving acts of heroism.

Thankfully, while posing for a picture, Megan soon realized she'd made a mistake and effortlessly rectified the situation.

To see how she did it, check out the video below: 

While I personally think that it's ridiculous to ban Royal ladies from crossing their legs (I mean, what's immodest about that?!), Meghan appears to be gracefully accepting the price that she has to pay for her new life.

Well, I say gracefully, there have still been a number of occasions where she's proven herself to be quite the Royal rebel.

As I've briefly mentioned, Meghan was slammed for her outfit at her first Trooping the Color by British tabloids as "fashion tradition usually dictates that Royal women do not wear off-shoulder or other more revealing styles."

This is something which Kate strictly adheres too, only ever wearing dresses with sleeves that go below the elbow. It's also a rule which Princess Diana didn't dare to break either, but Meghan did it as soon as she was in the Firm!

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However, this example of rule breaking is minor compared to what Meghan did while on a Royal trip to Ireland. Because the Royal Family is not an elected body, its members are expected to maintain political neutrality, but Meghan simply couldn't hold her tongue when it came to displaying her happiness regarding the country's recent decision to legalize abortion.

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It was a reflection of what she said at her first Royal Foundation Forum:

"I hear a lot of people speaking about girls' empowerment and women's empowerment; you will hear people saying they are helping women find their voices. I fundamentally disagree with that because women don't need to find their voices, they need to be empowered to use it and people need to be urged to listen."

But given that Prince Harry himself is no stranger to breaking Royal protocol (that Nazi costume will haunt him for the rest of his life), I think that we can all agree that he's found an appropriate match in Meghan.

Perhaps that's why the pair decided to consciously go against tradition and marry in May, despite Harry's great-great-great grandma, Queen Victoria, being a firm believer in the old wives' tale: "Marry in May, and rue the day."

Now that we live in a world where monarchies are few and far between, if Meghan is able to modernize what is undoubtedly an outdated institution, then that can be no bad thing. One thing's for sure, Harry will definitely have her back.