MMA fighter outright refuses to pose with ring girl following harassment claim

MMA fighter outright refuses to pose with ring girl following harassment claim

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, accusations of sexual assault have been rife - and for good reason. For too long has sexual misconduct gone unchecked and unpunished. However, the movement has also sparked a debate about what does and doesn't constitute sexual harassment. And after this MMA fighter was accused of harassing a ring girl, he adopted a total "hands off" approach.

You see, despite the fact the vast majority of accusations are based on truth, very occasionally, innocent people are accused of wrongdoing, as was the case for the MMA fighter. So when the South Korean sportsman, Park Dae Sung, was asked to pose with a ring girl at a recent match, he outright refused to make any contact with her, not wanting to get accused of wrongdoing again.

To see his refusal to take part in the photo opportunity, check out the video below: 

Despite the fact it may seem funny, it is actually very concerning to see an innocent man feeling forced to literally run away from a woman through the fear of being accused of any wrongdoing.

Sung's ordeal began back in December of last year when, during a photo op, he pulled the ring girl he was posing with closer to him - an action which was deemed to be inappropriate, despite the fact that it was clearly an innocent gesture.

This is the incident which inspired his "hands off" approach to ring girls:

There is no doubt, however, that the incident is a part of an important discussion about what is and isn't appropriate behavior, and until we as a society all share the same definition, incidents like this will continue long into the future. At this point, it's worth noting that it wasn't just the ring girl in the video who accused the fighter, but viewers who believe she was "manhandled".

In response to the way that Sung was forced to pose with the ring girl despite his protests, one Reddit user wrote, "Imagine that was a female fighter and they are pulling her to force her to take a photo with a dude naked apart from wearing underwear and he's all oiled up. People would be protesting."

A second revealed, "Now some may think he went overboard but please keep in mind that the fighter DID get investigated by the police for the 'assault' and though the charge was dismissed, the org still had him do community service."

"The video went viral and he got harassed by some online female communities."

"He even did an apology photo op with the ring girl later on."

This is the picture which Sung ended up taking with the ring girl:

Credit: Instagram / @seolhwa939

Looking at his expression, it's easy to see why he point blank refused to do it again.

After the incident, the ring girl released a statement saying, "It's good to express yourself after a victory but he'd been a true champion had he cared for the Road Girls (Ring girls) who worked hard all day."

We can only hope that in light of the publicity Sung's refusal to pose with ring girls now has received, that he isn't forced into doing anything he doesn't want to again in the future.

But this isn't the only controversy the sport of MMA has drummed up recently. In fact, it's odd the think that in a sport where two competitors beat the cr** out of each other from bell-to-bell, that it is often what follower the fight that causes the biggest stir.

In the video below, fighter Drew Chatman had he victory REVERSED after he celebrated his win by performing a frontflip off his fallen opponent's back!

Check out the disgraceful act in the video below:

The California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) withheld Chatman’s $500 winnings and suspended him 90 days, MMA Fighting noted.

Speaking out about the incident, Chatman told MMA Fighting: “I don’t deserve to get paid for that. It’s disappointing watching that. My mother has to see that.”

What makes Chatman's ridiculous celebration even more laughable is that his opponent, Irvins Ayala, knocked himself out after attempting to throw a hammerfist on the ground, only to accidentally slam his chin into Chatman's knee, who laid on his back, in guard.