This mom bizarrely thinks she looks like Jennifer Aniston

This mom bizarrely thinks she looks like Jennifer Aniston

Parents: you gotta love 'em, right? Though they may have made our lives a living misery during our adolescent years, we all eventually overlook the resentment and trauma in favour of the largely-upheld conviction that our parents "only want the best for us" at the end of the day.

Once we finally fly the nest, the majority of us find that our relationship with our parents greatly improves as soon as we're relatively far away from them. We can safely appreciate our mother's eccentricities from a safe distance, and we no longer have to endure our dad's highly detailed, and incredibly annoying commentary on the latest sports game when we don't want to.

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Since the birth of social media, people have found an excellent platform to bond over their so-called "extra" parents, sharing and poking a bit of good-natured fun at all of their weird little quirks, outlandish comments and absolute inability to navigate any form of modern technology.

Right now, the internet's favourite parent has to be the mom who is convinced, nay, resolute in her belief that she looks just like the iconic actress Jennifer Aniston.

Twitter user, Holly, took to the the platform to share a hilarious exchange between her and her mother. She wrote:

"So my mom and I share an online banking account, and she keeps changing the security questions to things I don't know the answer to...."

Essentially, Holly and her mum share a banking account and in typical mum-fashion, she kept changing the security questions to things that Holly couldn't figure out. The latest being, "what celebrity do you most resemble?"

Holly eventually had to text her mum for the answer, to which she replied:

"[Jennifer] Aniston why do you keep messing up that? If you get locked out again I don't have time to undo it tonight" 

I mean, they're clearly doppelgänger's right?!

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This is nothing short of endearing, and the people of Twitter clearly thought so too. One user wrote, "I like she said 'why do you keep messing up with that' as if the resemblance is obvious. She's so charming your mom is awesome" while another added "LOL this is so good. Hug your mom for me. Too adorable."

Whether you think that Holly's mom bears some passing resemblance to one of our generation's most iconic celebrities, or not, you can't deny that her impassioned claim isn't the most adorable thing that you've read on the internet today, also you have to admire her self-belief in comparing herself to a woman who has been regarded a sex symbol for decades..

See? There is some good in the world, after all...