Mom creates her first meme and immediately goes viral

Mom creates her first meme and immediately goes viral

It's weird to think how far the art of the meme has come since its conception. Once a niche corner of the internet, it's become all-encompassing, with lists of memes on every website, and an appropriate one ready for the posting for every occasion you could possibly imagine.

It's been so long that it is ingrained into the way we communicate on the internet, and sometimes (god forbid) in real life too. The older generations that didn't grow up with this, or have barely interacted with this new bizarre language, are bound to get a little confused by the whole thing.

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I mean, I wouldn't even consider bringing up the word 'meme' to my parents. I would get some blank stares, followed by a series of questions I have no clue how to answer. My mum still calls every video game console either a "Gamestation" or "Playcube" after all, so I'm going to assume it's not the best road to go down.

So the idea of someone's mother creating their own meme is funny enough, but when this Twitter user shared with the world what his mother had sent his way, we all collectively sighed at how endearing the entire thing was, especially given the typical mumsy tone:

There's something about the comforting and protective sentiment, paired with the use of an image from the second X-Men movie (which is now 14 years old), that just makes the whole thing far funnier than it has any right to be. Adding further cuteness, she added: "hope it goes viral even though I didn't put my name on it lol".

But her wildest dreams have come true, and her Cyclops solar eclipse meme indeed went viral. Her daughter, Sasha, posted screenshots of their text conversation along with the caption "My mom made this meme don't let her down", and the internet turned up in full force.

The tweet currently has 90,000 retweets and over 200,000 likes, and the responses are still coming in:

Sasha was overwhelmed by all the replies, not ever believing her tweet would go so far:

After getting such an unexpectedly passionate response from people all over the world, Sasha made sure to let her mother know exactly how people felt about her first ever meme:

That's right, her new alias is none other than "memer mom", which is the best name she could have possibly picked. Gripped by the newfound success and time in the spotlight of internet fame, she even started up her own Instagram account for more future memes to come, under the username "memermom11".

The older you are, the more difficult it will be to get used to new technology, but that doesn't mean that you can't eventually master it. Just look at this Japanese woman who released her first app at the age of 82.