According to new documentary Tupac knew the person who killed him

It's one of the most infamous unsolved crimes of all time; every man and his dog has a theory about who killed Tupac Shakur, and why. While some believe that the rapper is still alive and has in fact decided to slip away to some sort of remote island, the majority of us accept that he was murdered, but still want to know what went down on that fateful night, and who was behind the attack.

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On September 7 1996, Tupac Shakur was on his way to a club after attending a boxing match, however, he never reached his destination as he was shot in his car. He died a week later from internal bleeding as a result of his injuries.

However, a new documentary coming out soon claims that the American rapper knew his killer, and also says that the murder remained unresolved due to the fact that the Las Vegas Police Department never wanted to solve it.

The Oxygen-backed documentary, 'Snapped: Notorious', will be over two hours long and will feature in-depth interviews with the a mix of people, including those who were the last to see Tupac alive before he was killed, and those who were close to the legendary rapper.

Those people will include the likes of: Danny Boy, Yo-Yo, DJ Mister Cee, Pac's first manager Leila Steinberg and music journalist Toure. The trailer for the programme paints the stark images of Tupac's last breaths on his deathbed in a Las Vegas Hospital, and claims that when he was asked if he knew who performed the attacked, he nodded his head.

It's not the first documentary of this nature, with another documentary airing this year in which rap mogul Suge Knight tried to lift the lid on the murder. Knight, who is currently serving time in prison on trial for a separate murder charge, revealed who he thinks is responsible for his friend's death, saying it a team of people sent from Death Row Records, who had intended to kill him and not Tupac.

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The team behind the documentary, Richard Bond and Michael Douglas Carlin, say that they have a signed statement from Knight's criminal attorney, Thaddeus Culpepper, which supposedly states that the story laid out in the film is all true.

The documentary, titled: 'Tupac Assassination: Battle for Compton', features a thorough investigation into the death of the rapper, and looks to see if there was any evidence of a cover-up operation.

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A spokesperson for the documentary said:

"Culpepper told Carlin individually that not only did Knight confirm the events portrayed in Compton, which portray Knight was the intended target and Shakur as collateral damage, as true, but also goes onto allege that these 1996 events may have been the first in a history of attempts on Knight's life."

However, Battle for Compton has been disputed as Suge Knight just trying to get his name out there, with many people saying it's not a reliable source. Snapped: Notorious will aim to finally lift the lid on the mystery and will no doubt be an interesting watch for fans of Tupac.