Destiny's Child fans are freaking out over these hints at a reunion

Destiny's Child fans are freaking out over these hints at a reunion

Destiny's Child was one of the most popular groups of the 2000's. They made empowering anthems like "Independent Women" and "Survivor." They coined the term "Bootylicious," for which we'll be forever thankful. And they introduced us to Beyonce, who became the Queen of us all. (If you don't agree, she will "lemonade" your car with a baseball bat.)

But like many musical groups, Destiny's Child didn't last. In 2004, they released their last album, Destiny Fulfilled, and announced they were splitting up to pursue solo careers. Obviously, Beyonce's career exploded like a supernova, but all the women seemed to be friendly. When Beyonce performed at the 2013 Super Bowl, she even brought out Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland as surprise guests.

Rumors have swirled about a Destiny's Child reunion, and now their fans have some exciting hints that it might actually be happening. (If you heard any random shrieking around the office today, this is why.) The first clue comes from a photo Beyonce shared on Instagram. See if you can guess what it is.

She's wearing an AC/DC shirt, but with the AC covered. And what does DC stand for? Destiny's Child! Or DC Comics. If Beyonce's suggesting she's going to be the new Cat-Woman, that would also be pretty cool.

I know, this clue seems pretty subtle. But remember, Beyonce has a history of leaving breadcrumbs on the Internet. For example, in 2015, she posted a picture of herself kissing a lemon, hinting about her 2016 album Lemonade, before the project was even announced.

The second hint comes from Michelle Williams, and this one is pretty obvious:

Michelle shared this photo of her 2013 Superbowl outfit with her Instagram followers. While it's possible she was just cleaning out her closet and feeling nostalgic, the timing is pretty suspicious. You can't fool us, girl.

The third hint comes from original Destiny's Child member, LaTavia Robertson. (The best known Destiny's Child line-up is Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, but LaTavia Roberson, and LeToya Luckett were founding members, and Farrah Franklin was also in the group for about five minutes).

LaTavia tweeted, "I have so much to tell you guys! All I'm allowed to say right now is.. never mind." Is this secret project she's teasing a Destiny's Child reunion? Possibly, because she's been retweeting a lot of Destiny's Child stuff lately.

Our fourth and final hint comes LeToya Luckett, one of other original members, who probably wishes she stayed in the group. LeToya shared this throwback photo with her Instagram followers, driving D.C. fans crazy.

In case you didn't know, Beyonce is headlining the Coachella Music Festival in April 2018, which would be perfect place for a Destiny's Child reunion. Fans were quick to piece together all these hints, and arrive at that conclusion. Perhaps some of them should consider becoming detectives.

The news spread on Twitter, and the reactions were pretty hilarious:

Will a Destiny's Child reunion happen at Coachella? It's certainly possible. Keep your eye out for more clues on Instagram. Maybe Beyonce will share a picture of herself with Bill Clinton, Bill Murray and Billy Bob Thornton, to hint at "Bills, Bills, Bills."