'Game of Thrones' characters star in iconic music album covers

'Game of Thrones' characters star in iconic music album covers

Game of Thrones has come and gone once more, and while we still have one more action-packed season on its way, there is an agonising two-year wait for it. Now that we've survived a week without an episode, we can start moving on. But part of that process still involves finding whatever Game of Thrones content we can.

Luckily for us, we can enjoy the artist Steven Lear, who creates vinyl/movie mash-ups on his Instagram account under the username 'whythelongplayface'. This week he turned to the land of television, and posted various combinations of the world of music and that of Westeros, writing that "to celebrate/commiserate the season finale I'll be posting some Game of Thrones themed album covers". And we're glad he did, because some of these are cool as hell.

1. Born to Rule

2. Snow meets Peter Gabriel

3. Stark side of the moon

4. Game of Thrones meets the Ramones

5. Rest in Peace

6. Hound of love

7. The red woman

8. Faceless Value

9. Two iconic groups

10. Imagine Targaryens

11. Lannisters Carpenters mash-up

12. Drogon save the queen

13. "It is known"

14. Mother of the dragons

Hopefully these interesting designs can tide us all over for just a little bit longer. When the need for more comes around, I might just have to start a re-watch of the show from the beginning. In the meantime, you should definitely check out this list of actors who were almost cast in the show.