Justin Timberlake announces fifth album, releases emotional trailer

Justin Timberlake announces fifth album, releases emotional trailer

Justin Timberlake's had quite a career, going from a cast member of The Mickey Mouse Club to the star of the bestselling boy band N'Sync to his own successful solo career, crafting sexy, dance-floor ready hits with Timbaland and Pharrell. He's also proven himself to be a talented actor, starring in critically acclaimed movies like The Social Network, and absolutely killing it whenever he appears on Saturday Night Live and The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. (Does the man ever sleep?)

It's been five years since Justin's last solo album, 2013's The 20/20 Experience. Since then, the pop star has kept busy with his acting career, and took time to spend with his family. In 2012, he married actress Jessica Biel, and the power couple has one child, Silas. In an interview, the Mirrors singer revealed the secret to their happy marriage: They keep dating, even after the wedding. (And that's dating each other, not other people!). "That's always my rule," said Justin. "Even when you get married you have to keep dating."

Justin Timberlake Jessica Biel Credit: Getty

Now, after a five year hiatus from music, Justin announced his fifth solo album, Man of the Woods. The project comes out on February 2nd, just in time for Valentine's Day, in case you need a new playlist of sexy singles to set the mood. The new single drops this Friday, January 5th, and so far there's no word on the title. However, Justin did drop an emotional trailer, describing where he found inspiration for his new music.

In the video, we see the Suit and Tie singer chilling in the countryside, which is the absolute worst place to wear a suit and tie. As we hear tantalizing snippets of upbeat new music, Justin strolls through a cornfield, meditates waist-deep in a lake and looks off in reverie, while standing on top of a cliff. "This album is really inspired by my son, my wife, my family," says Justin in the voiceover narration. "But more so than any album I’ve ever written, where I’m from. And it’s personal."

To reinforce the personal feel, the woodsy video features quick glimpses of what appears to be Justin's wife, Jessica, and their child, Silas. A unidentified woman's voice then describes the album's bucolic vibe: "It feels like mountains. Trees. Campfires. Like Wild West, but now." There's also a cameo from longtime collaborator Pharrell, who says the album, "feels so earthy. It's just where you are in your life right now." Then we get a glimpse of the producer rocking out in the studio, exclaiming, "That is a smash!"

To promote the album, Justin is performing once again at the Superbowl Halftime Show on Sunday, Februrary 4th. Some people were surprised he would return, since the infamous "Nipplegate" controversy in 2004. In case you don't remember, JT sang a duet with Janet Jackson, and touched her shirt, accidentally exposing one of Janet's breasts. The brief "wardrobe malfunction" made news around the world, and families were outraged, calling the incident totally inappropriate. (But grown men tackling each other so hard they cause brain damage, while scantily clad cheerleaders dance on the sidelines? Totally appropriate.) However, now it seems the NFL is welcoming Justin back with open arms.

Well, 2018 is already shaping up to be a great year for music, isn't it? I hope Justin's new single is called "Wardrobe Malfunction."