Taylor Swift fans had a lot to say about the star rapping in her latest song

Taylor Swift fans had a lot to say about the star rapping in her latest song

Taylor Swift has created quite the media frenzy of late. Since the release of her lead single, Look What You Made Me Do, fans and critics alike rushed to psychoanalyze the track and decipher all of its many coded messages. The track's painstaking self-referential detail naturally invited comparison to the pop-star's highly publicised relationships with pop behemoths including, Joe Jonas, Harry Styles and Calvin Harris, to name just a few.

It's quite a break from the Taylor of yesteryear. Gone is the fresh-face and starry-eyed Taylor we saw in Fearless and Speak Now. Even the empowered Taylor of 2014's 1989 has been buried under a tombstone, which reads "Taylor Swift's reputation". Certainly, after all of the allusions to snakes, at the end of the song, the "new" Taylor tells the "old" Taylor that "she can't come to the phone right now". Why? "Because she's dead".

Credit: Vevo

And it's evident. The Taylor that crooned about unrequited love and wore "t-shirts" while everyone else was wearing "short skirts" has buried her former romantic innocence and naivety in favour of owning what she has constantly been lambasted for. I mean, she even rapped in her latest single, ...Ready for it?

The track sees the 27-year-old sing over a catchy, albeit acerbic electronic beat about her new boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, who is apparently so much better than her exes. Referencing Elizabeth Taylor's incredibly passionate and highly-publicised relationship with Richard Burton, she calls Alwyn the Richard to her Taylor, singing "every lover known in comparison is a failure / I forget their names now / I'm so very tame now / never be the same now." In fact, it's obvious who Taylor is speaking about as she references their ages, "younger than my exes but he acts like such a man", Taylor sings. She is, of course, 27 and her new beau is 26.
 But what is getting the most attention is Taylor Swift's rapping skills. Fans and critics alike took to Twitter to roast or praise Taylor. One Twitter user wrote, "I was born ready" whilst another added, "old Taylor was great but new Taylor has me so shook".

Others questioned the singer's rapping skills, satirising the fact that she could now, a white woman, win Best Hip Hop Female Artist at the 2019 Grammys. Another rightly said, "honestly, Taylor Swift releasing an edgy rap song about being in love is such a Taylor Swift thing to do."

Turns out that people actually loved Taylor's latest track, certainly, it hasn't had the same kind of backlash that Look What You Made Me Do had. As one Twitter user wrote, "so, really the old Taylor isn't really dead because she's back in the chorus of "READY FOR IT?"

So regardless of whether you enjoyed Taylor Swift's rapping skills or not, one thing is for sure, the old Taylor is most definitely dead.