Conor McGregor has been picking fights with everyone in the run up to Mayweather fight

Conor McGregor has been picking fights with everyone in the run up to Mayweather fight

Two days. The countdown is now just two days. It feels like we've been waiting a lifetime for these two fantastic fighters to throw down, but the historic fight between UFC champ Conor McGregor and the undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather is now just a little over 48 hours away. I'm sure I speak for a lot of people when I say I can't wait.

In the lead-up to the big event, the 29-year-old Irishman and the 40-year-old American have been engaged in a series of press conferences, designed to raise anticipation for the fans, and to allow a distinct sense of animosity to fester between the two fighters ahead of their showdown on August 26.

Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Credit: Getty Images

Held in Los Angeles, New York, Toronto and London, we've seem both controversy and smack talk in the four press conferences so far, and while some verbal jabs certainly made their mark on both sides, the showdown has rarely seemed close to boiling over, with neither combatant willing to go to blows before the bells sound on August 26.

That is, until today. Conor McGregor has been in Las Vegas in preparation for the fight, and he nearly got in not one, not two, but three separate fights in Nevada over the last week.

First, there was the confrontation with Paulie Malignaggi, the retired boxer who was McGregor's sparring partner, before a series of leaked photos allegedly depicting the Irishman knocking him down saw Malignaggi leave the McGregor camp.

Surrounded by journalists, their respective entourages and fascinated bystanders, McGregor and Malignaggi went head-to-head following their publicised spat, and they were about as hostile as you can expect. McGregor became angrier and angrier, and as Malignaggi told him to "bring his balls", McGregor retorted: "you got your arse whooped".

Then, McGregor and his entourage ran into the Mayweather camp, and that's when things got a little crazier. They were arriving just as Mayweather's team was leaving the T-Mobile Arena, and naturally, there was a fair bit of handbags, with plenty of shoving, cursing and posturing. McGregor explained that this was over a cancelled face-off between the two fighters.

"There was a face-off (scheduled), then there was no face-off, and then I saw him and said, 'What, are you afraid of a face-off today?' He didn't say anything, but then the goons, the big goons that he surrounds himself with started pushing and shoving. And then it was just a pushing and shoving contest, and that was it. Nothing really happened. I didn't hear what his response was. It just became a pushing and shoving match."

After all that, McGregor still hadn't got all of his aggression out, and his final confrontation ahead of his Mayweather showdown wasn't even a professional fighter; the 29-year-old became increasingly exasperated by a heckler who repeatedly said "you's a bitch" to the Irishman, and eventually, McGregor snapped.

With the showcase event at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada looming large on the horizon, it's fair to say that hostilities are at fever pitch. By the looks of their final press conference, Conor McGregor seems like he's itching to start the fight.