Video shows Conor McGregor apologising to Dana White after Mayweather defeat

Video shows Conor McGregor apologising to Dana White after Mayweather defeat

Last month, the man of the moment in mixed martial arts made an unprecedented and valiant foray into the world of boxing. 29-year-old Conor McGregor became the first UFC fighter to hold two titles at the same time when he defeated Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205, and late last year, he acquired his professional boxing license in the state of Nevada.

His first fight was a veritable baptism of fire; he was up against Floyd Mayweather, a man who'd been retired for nearly two years, but a boxer up there with the very best, looking for an unrivalled 50th match without defeat. In June, this superfight was finally confirmed, and the two fighters locked horns on August 26.


As you might already know, Floyd Mayweather prevailed in that clash of titans at the T-Mobile Arena.

McGregor, however, will emerge with plenty of credit after a more than capable first showing in the boxing ring, lasting 10 rounds with the seasoned 4o-year-old. Considering the war of words between the two before the fight, Conor McGregor was magnanimous in defeat, and this latest video further shows McGregor's humility and grace following his loss.

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As Floyd Mayweather landed a flurry of fists on the Irish fighter and the referee Robert Byrd somewhat controversially declared a TKO, Conor McGregor made his way out of the ring, and passed by Dana White, the UFC President who had done his part to ensure this fight went through.

Video footage has now surfaced of McGregor's conversation with White, and McGregor is letting down his guard and sharing his disappointment after the boxing match's conclusion.

With the Irishman still on his feet when the referee declared the TKO, McGregor believes that he could still have won the fight, either in the 11th and 12th or on points, but in this video, Conor McGregor betrays his post-match bravado by apologising to Dana White for (in McGregor's eyes) failing to provide the spectacle and victory he promised.

White, however, was having none of it. "Dude, I'm ecstatic!" he says to the defeated fledgling boxer, and gave McGregor the support he needed during his crisis of confidence, telling him: "Be proud, I'm telling you, you're unbelievable." Those of you who saw the fight first-hand will certainly agree, and might even argue he was unlucky to succumb to Floyd Mayweather that fateful day.

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So what's next for Conor McGregor? Apparently, he's looking to make his return to the UFC, and with those familiar settings he's got a familiar opponent in mind: Nate Diaz. The two men have already fought twice before (with one win apiece), so it'll be interesting to see who prevails in what will be the Return of the Jedi of the McGregor-Diaz rivalry.

In the meantime, let's pay tribute to what's been an absolutely monumental year for McGregor. Not only has he consolidated himself as one of sport's biggest names, he's cracked into the Forbes 100 best-paid athletes, and in May, he became a father for the first time. He may not have beaten Floyd Mayweather, but as Dana White's kind words to him following the fight demonstrate, Conor McGregor can be very proud of his exploits so far in 2017.