10 Fascinating pictures showing the unseen side of the Super Bowl

And so another football season draws to a close.

We must now sit and twiddle our thumbs restlessly until the baseball season picks up again, with the NBA becoming something of a foregone conclusion with the pile-on juggernaut that is the Golden State Warriors seemingly on an inexorable path back to the championship.

The NFL, for its own part, did throw up a few surprise packages this season, not least the fact that - in what has been an increasing rarity in recent memory - the New England Patriots failed to win the Super Bowl.

It was, in truth, a bizarre game framed by a distinct lack of defense and a plethora trick plays - carried out with varying levels of success - but it was the Philadelphia Eagles who emerged victorious, much to the glee of comedian Kevin Hart, who failed to contain his alcohol-fueled excitement as he hared around pitchside trying to get involved in trophy ceremonies and live TV interviews with hilarious abandon.

We all saw those images, but here are some pictures that you almost certainly haven't seen of the Super Bowl.

1. No days off

alt Credit: Reddit/ mylifewithya

2. Pizza joint prep on Super Bowl Sunday

alt Credit: Reddit/ bfroyo

3. No, really, they get super busy...

alt Credit: Reddit/ meandean69er

4. Timing is everything

alt Credit: Reddit/ Infinant

5. Limited edition Super Bowl Skittles (only 20 were made). Banana for scale.

alt Credit: Reddit/thatproductionguy

6. The gym on Superbowl Sunday

alt Credit: Reddit/dollinsdv

7. Len Dawson smoking a cigarette during halftime of Super Bowl I

alt Credit: Reddit/andrew6622

8. Video control room during the halftime show

alt Credit: Reddit/Piotr Górski

9. The prices at the game...

alt Credit: Reddit/Go_Habs_Go31

10. The grocery store on Super Bowl Sunday

alt Credit: Reddit/azshawn00

Pro tip: if you're not into football, go to the gym and get some grocery shopping done on Super Bowl Sunday, it'll be the most relaxed day of your year.