3 Perfect times that Conor McGregor utterly destroyed his opponents

3 Perfect times that Conor McGregor utterly destroyed his opponents

Conor McGregor is known as The Notorious in the world of MMA for a reason. Winning both the featherweight and lightweight title belts, McGregor's career has been filled with massive victories. He makes even the best of the best look like amateurs.

So to begin with, why not show the fight that won him the featherweight belt? In UFC 194, McGregor went up against Jose Aldo, the current champion of the UFC featherweight division. Like any good McGregor fight, the prelude was filled with insults and public relations spectacle, culminating in an epic match that lasted...47 seconds.

Yep, that's right. Conor McGregor took out the featherweight champ by a knockout with one punch.

It literally looked like Aldo knocked himself out, didn't it? He sprinted right into McGregor's fist. His plan was probably to land a massive punch, but he left himself wide open and was taken out instantly. By running into the punch, its force was increased tremendously, and one hit was all it took.

Next up is McGregor's lightweight belt, which he won from Eddie Alvarez. After more trash-talking, the two fighters took to the Octagon in a much longer but possibly even more decisive battle. McGregor drops Alvarez twice in the first round, and plays a near-perfect fight, permanently on the offensive, and at one point even folds his arms behind his back to demonstrate total dominance.

Alvarez looked shook.

It's a wild display in difference between the mindset and abilities of two different fighters. Alvarez was just not prepared mentally to be in the ring here. He looked scared from the start, and kept backing-up where he could have stepped ahead or maintained his footing. He was on the run.

So there are two of McGregor's most overwhelming victories. Lastly, it seems fitting to include a more hard-fought and hard-won match-up, this time against Nate Diaz. Diaz had previously defeated McGregor by chokehold in UFC 196, in a stunning upset, and one of McGregor's extremely scarce losses.

Their rematch would take place at UFC 202, in a battle where both fighters got hurt bad, and Nate Diaz lost with a bloodied face. It was McGregor's redemption against one of the only fighters to ever defeat him, and highlights from the match are below:

Diaz can take a punch like few other fighters. His sheer endurance is intimidating, and on more than one occasion, he had McGregor up against the Octagon ring, taking punch after punch at close range. This was an incredibly difficult fight, and a testament to Conor McGregor's own endurance.

It's even likely that the pair will fight again, in a trilogy match. One loss, one win. Who will be the ultimate victor? We may see very soon.

Finally, if you're thinking that McGregor is invincible, he's a video of him fighting the actor who plays The Mountain in HBO's Game of Thrones. It proves that no matter how good you are, there's always a giant out there who can make you run away, and could probably break your head with his hands if he really tried.

See? McGregor's not so tough, right? At the very least, he's a mortal man, just like the rest of us.