Man becomes a living legend after catching home run ball whist holding a baby

Man becomes a living legend after catching home run ball whist holding a baby

Generally speaking, fathers are a little more "careless" with their children than mothers are. Perhaps they just lack that protective maternal instinct all women have hardwired into them, or maybe men just feel like a child needs to experience an element of danger in order to grow up strong? Either way, when I think back to my childhood, it was only my father throwing me 20 foot across the garden onto the trampoline, not my mom.

In fact, when it came for me to learn how to swim, it was my dad who ripped off my floatation bands and just threw me in at the deep end. Additionally, when I came to learn how to ride a bike, my dad took off my helmet and told my mom that I would "learn quicker if I was actually scared of hitting my head on the sidewalk". (He also told me I looked ridiculous in my Power Rangers helmet. Safety first, eh?)

Now, it is understandable that fathers would want their children to grow up developing a passion for the things they themselves love and adore. My father did everything he could to get me into soccer, all in the hope that one day I'd grow up to love the sport, and we'd go to games together and drink beer - but alas, I never saw the point. The disappointment on his face every time I watch WWE is about as subtle as a gun.

However, this father clearly wanted to do everything he could in order to make sure his infant son grew up to love baseball - and this included taking him to a live game.

A baseball stadium probably isn't the safest place to take a baby; it's loud, there are drunk sports fans everywhere, and every now and then foul balls fly into the crowd at 100 mph. Oh, not to mention the fact a baby has absolutely no comprehension of what the hell is going on.

For example, this fan who was hit in the face with a hot dog that had been fired from a cannon:

But this determined father wanted to watch the damn game with his son, not knowing that when he left the stadium, he'd be viewed by all as a living legend.

Whilst sitting in the stands of a rather uneventful MLB game between the hometown Phillies and the visiting LA Dodgers, one man suddenly saw a once-in-a-lifetime moment flash before his eyes - a moment that would see him go from being an ordinary father and average Joe to an immortal champion of champions.

Thanks to a looping swat from Phillies third baseman Maikel Franco, a foul ball was sent careering into the right field stands, and was headed straight towards the father and baby. Now, most fathers would have simply moved out of the way, ensuring the full protection of their child and letting the home run ball pass them by - but not this man. Not this... champion.

Check out the immortalizing moment in the video below:

Without a care in the world (and that includes his baby), this baseball fanatic twists his body, extends his right hand out (ALL WHILST HIS BABY IS BEING CRADLED IN THE LEFT, REMEMBER!), and in that moment, he entered immortality.

There's no fumbling. There's no wobble. There are no two grabs. It just nestles safely into his palm, like a newborn joey entering a mommy kangaroo's pouch.

And if you watch closely, he had some task on his hand, as some d*** three rows in front of his throws his coat into the air in an attempt to knock the ball down. But no coat can come between this man and his destiny.

Looking back at this incredible moment, I can safely say that, no matter how cool I think my dad is, he'll never be this cool. I'll tell my own children of this moment of greatness. Put simply; if He-Man, Chuck Norris, and The Ultimate Warrior got together for a beer, it still wouldn't be as cool as what this dad - nay, God - accomplished that fateful day.

And whilst we're on the subject of remarkable people in baseball stands, check out this female fan who stole the hearts of millions around the world when she chugged a beer AFTER a home run ball had landed in it:

Marry me?