Floyd Mayweather revealed how much he trash-talked Conor McGregor during their big fight

Floyd Mayweather revealed how much he trash-talked Conor McGregor during their big fight

Well, that was a bit disappointing wasn't it? I mean, we all knew how the fight would go down, but you couldn't help feeling a bit let down by it all.

Yes, Conor McGregor took Floyd Mayweather to round 10, which no one was really expecting, but it never seemed like Mayweather really lost control of the fight, and in the end, experienced prevailed as he slowly picked off McGregor in the final three rounds.

It was sadly all a bit slow and ponderous, and despite his repeated promise that he would knock Mayweather out, it appeared that McGregor was pretty far out of his depth.

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The "biggest fight of all time" is now in the history books; the smack talk and glamorous press conferences are now (thankfully) a thing of the past. However, while both fighters appear to have a certain amount of respect for each other at the end of the fight, Mayweather has revealed that he still managed to offer up some verbal blows at the end of round five, just before he turned it on and picked off the inexperienced McGregor with ease.

At the end of the 5th round, the fight was still up in the air, despite McGregor opening the fight with a barrage of attacks on Mayweather. In spite of the strong start from the Irishman, it was clear that Mayweather sensed a vulnerability in his game plan, as he told the press after the fight: "I said, 'You still haven't knocked me out? You said it wouldn't go past four, when are you going to use your power?'"

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Not done there though, Mayweather carried on rubbing salt in the wounds of the fallen Irish fighter, saying that he hadn't done any sparring in the month leading up to the fight due to fear of injuring his "brittle" hands.

"We had a cool training camp, but I didn't do any sparring for the last month."

"My hands," he continued, "are real brittle and I wanted them to be solid when I came out here. If I had serious hand injury I wouldn't have been able to hit so hard."

Mayweather did reserve some praise for McGregor, saying that he could punch pretty powerfully, going against the narrative of boxing pundits before the fight. "His punching power is solid," he said of the Crumlin born fighter, "but I've felt it before so I kept coming forward. It wasn't the kind of power that stopped me coming forward."

Take a look at the full one-hour press conference in the video above, that's if you are still looking for more content regarding this fight (as if there hasn't been enough already).

At last, I think it's time that we all move on from this fight, something which we can all agree will be relief. It's been a long few months and the result was a bit disappointing for most boxing fans. However, there can be no doubt Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather will be happy men, given that they've pocketed over $100 million each.