Floyd Mayweather reveals the reason he went easy on Conor McGregor during their mega-bout

Floyd Mayweather reveals the reason he went easy on Conor McGregor during their mega-bout

It was billed as the fight to top all others; a dizzying display of wealth, ferocity and enmity that would captivate audiences the world over.

No matter that the two fighters came from two different worlds; one from the boxing ring, the other from the confines of MMA's octagon, no matter that said boxer had never before been defeated, despite facing some of the pre-eminent names in his sport. This fight was to be a "spectacle", as we were constantly reminded by those who were determined to spend nigh on $100 to witness it.

Few must have truly believed that Conor McGregor, arguably the most confident man on planet Earth, had a shot at defeating Floyd Mayweather, the undefeated maestro, in the boxing ring.

And yet, there was enough reasonable doubt, expertly engineered and manipulated by McGregor and Mayweather themselves, to make the fight an intriguing prospect; was Mayweather, two years retired, finally in the clutches of Father Time? Could McGregor land a lucky left hand and end the fight in the most astonishing of circumstances.

Conor McGregor Credit: Getty

Ultimately, the months of build up to the fight were arguably more intriguing than the actual bout itself. A will they, won't they story of labyrinthine proportions, the time period leading up to The Money Fight was a veritable masterclass in hype and fanfare.

In the end, of course, the bout went the way the vast majority of people anticipated it would, as Floyd Mayweather knocked Conor McGregor out in the tenth round to push his unblemished record to 50-0, and make a colossal amount of money in the process.

In reality, there were no real losers here, seeing as both fighters made a truly absurd amount of money, and McGregor can now return to the UFC, most likely to complete a trilogy of fights against Nate Diaz.

Now, Floyd Mayweather appears to have suggested that he actually took it easy against McGregor, and the reason is surprisingly nice;

“He has a career. You know, he still has a career. He’s still young. 

"We have to think about these fighters. Even, like, my uncle Roger. Right now, I just got a call just before I came here. He keeps walking off, wandering off. No one can find him. He ends up in a hospital. So, brain damage – it happens. It happens.”

Mayweather doesn't think he's getting the credit he believes he deserves for the win either, and repeated the claim that he took training camp pretty easy in the lead up to the fight;

“Once again, we’re praising him. We’re not praising me. We’re praising him. Because I’m 40 years old, retired for two years. He’s 28, he’s active. I’m inactive. He’s taller, he’s bigger. He may not be stronger.

"He has a longer reach. He’s taller. He’s bigger. He’s younger. Youth is on his side. I’m just saying, everything on paper links on him. For me to come and be off, and really only train totally, probably three weeks .. and [I was] out every night partying.”

If his Instagram is anything to by though, Mayweather is having a blast in retirement, and why not? He earned, quite literally.