Heartwarming video shows kid catch a foul ball before going out of his way to pass it on

Whether they're celebrating a result or mourning a loss, sports fans can often be some of the rowdiest, drunkest, and destructive people. However, there are nicer elements that aren't as often reported, especially when it comes to the children who grow up loving their chosen sport in a positive way.

Catching a game ball can be a wonderful way to remember the game and represent your love for the sport in general, and means even more to the younger fans who make it to the stands with their families. Towards the end of last month, there was a minor controversy when it appeared that one man stole a game ball from a young child in front of him, but it turned out there was a little more to the story than everyone initially thought.

Recently, there was a heartwarming moment for anyone tuning in to the White Sox game against the Tigers on Tuesday night. When Jeimer Candelario hit a foul ball to the left side of the field, it was quickly grabbed by a fan, who handed it to a young Tigers fan. However, that fan gave the ball over to an even younger fan.

The footage was caught on camera for the broadcast, and it was pretty adorable. You can see it in the tweet below:

How about that? It looks like when it comes to treating each other with kindness, the kids are showing the rest of us the way to do it.