Kickboxer Gökhan Saki destroys opponent after making his UFC debut

Kickboxer Gökhan Saki destroys opponent after making his UFC debut

First days at a new job are always hard, aren't they? You feel like you're way out of your depth and in general you work so slowly that you end up slowing down the rest of your team, who all have to take up the burden of your work on top of everything that they are already doing.

However, a first day in a new sport is a whole different ball game, and comes with much higher pressure as millions of people tune in to watch you.

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Last month, we saw Conor McGregor switch the octagon for the the ring, as he made his professional boxing debut against Floyd Mayweather.

The match was meant to be the "fight of the century"; however, it ended up being a pretty drab affair, with Mayweather winning in the 10th round. So while McGregor's boxing debut disappointed, Gokhan Saki's debut in UFC did anything but.

Saki had made the switch from kickboxing to UFC earlier this year, and he had held an impressive 83-12 win record in his former sport. Despite being well trained in combat, Saki initially looked like he was struggling in his first round of UFC, until he unleashed absolute hell.

Credit: Youtube/Fox

The Dutch-Turkish fighter knocked out his opponent, Luis Henrique Da Silva, in the first round. It looked like Da Silva was in control of the fight, cornering Saki and hitting him with elbows to the head, but then Saki hit him with a left hook that grounded Da Silva and left the referee with no option but the call the fight.

After the shock result, Saki spoke to reporters and channelled his inner McGregor, saying that he wanted to "take over" the sport.

"I stopped for two-and-a-half years, and I'm not back just to take part in the UFC and tell people I'm a UFC fighter. I'm here to take over. I'm here to knock people out. This is what I'm missing in my life. That's why I'm here. I'm ready for any fight."

Despite not training much before the fight, Saki pulled off the shock victory and seemed happy to be back in the combat game. "When you get hit, that's not a good feeling," he added. "But when I get hit, I love to give two or three back. That was the situation today."

There were questions surrounding whether the fight should have been stopped so early, but Saki believes that it was the right call.

"I think the referee did a good job, because I hit him many times, and the referee said a couple of times, 'Fight back'.

''He was trying to fight back, but I think I hit him at least 10 times hard, and they need to protect the fighters also.

"This is a feeling, instinct from the referee. What can we say? I'm a fighter, I'm happy they stopped the fight. I win the fight. Sorry for da Silva if it's not the right thing, but I think the referee did a good job."

It will interesting to see what Saki's next move will be now that he has made a name for himself in the sport. No doubt that plenty of spectators will be keeping an eye out for his next fight.